• 5th Mar 2024

Australasian College of Paramedicine Pre-Budget Submission 2024-2025

Executive summary: Backing Federal initiatives

The College has identified high-impact short-term projects that support a sustainable long-term vision for improved healthcare across Australia and the Pacific region. These projects require minimal Federal funding yet have the potential to make a powerful long-term impact on health system planning and resourcing, health outcomes and health equity. All proposed projects are designed to support the Australian Government’s vision.

A recurring theme across all our conversations with paramedics, stakeholders, and the wider health sector, is the dire need to vastly improve health literacy across health professions. By improving health literacy environment through projects - like that which we are proposing - it is likely to open a more collaborative dialogue across professions which will in turn support the healthcare system as it transitions from outdated models to contemporary team-based ones.

Another key issue important to the paramedic profession is improving health equity, particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and rural and remote communities. In paramedicine, only 2% of paramedics identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. Research and frontline experience indicates that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people feel more comfortable seeking healthcare from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health professionals, and this is something we need to continue to develop and build on.

Australia’s relationship with our Pacific neighbours has never been more important. Empowering the healthcare workforce with knowledge and training will strengthen our regional relationship and improve person-centred care for their respective populations.

With these issues in mind, our proposed projects address the overarching question: “What can paramedics do to improve and support healthcare access, equity, and outcomes?”

Our proposed projects aim to deliver tangible outcomes that will inform decision makers, benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and support our neighbours in the Pacific.

Person-centred care is why Australian students enrol in paramedicine. Person-centred care is at the heart of all College activities. Improving person-centered care drives our advocacy priorities

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