• 2nd May 2024

We’re being heard - Health Ministers recognise advance practice paramedic roles

Media release

The Australasian College of Paramedicine (the College) strongly advocates with governments and decision-makers from across the healthcare sector to recognise the unique capabilities of paramedics for the broader utilisation of the workforce to benefit person-centred care. At the Health Ministers Meeting held recently in Brisbane, the Health Ministers agreed to work with the Paramedicine Board of Australia to establish Area of Practice Endorsements for advanced practice paramedics in critical care and community paramedicine, marking an important milestone for professional advancement and recognition.

College CEO John Bruning said: “Paramedics provide high-quality healthcare to communities right across the country, and advanced practice recognition is crucial to the successful utilisation of critical care and community care paramedics across the health system.

“This decision to establish Area of Practice Endorsements will not only recognise postgraduate education, clinical experience and the knowledge gained by paramedics working in critical care and community paramedic roles, it will also provide healthcare employers with greater understanding and transparency of advanced practice capabilities for the ultimate purpose of improving person-centred care.”

This decision comes at a time when the College is working closely with the Independent Review, led by Professor Mark Cormack, Unleashing the Potential of our Health Workforce (Scope of Practice Review) in which community paramedicine is highlighted as a model that could “benefit the community”.

“Advocating for the advancement of the profession is integral to our work at the College, driven by our mission to support the evolution of the profession for the benefit of improved health outcomes across Australasian communities,” Mr Bruning said.

“While this decision is significant, there is still much work to be done to reform the Australian health system to ensure paramedics, and providers, are empowered and supported to provide advanced practice.”

The College is engaging with the Paramedicine Board of Australia to establish Area of Practice Endorsements, and ensuring our members are informed about and consulted with throughout its development.


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