• 18th Feb 2021

New mental health webinar series for members

The College is pleased to partner with Phoenix Australia to facilitate a series of four webinars for College members. These webinars have been put together as a result of member feedback for greater emphasis on mental health and wellbeing issues.

Each webinar will address different mental health and wellbeing issues, as well as target specific career stages. The aim is to improve the understanding College members have of potential mental health and wellbeing impacts that come with being a paramedic, as well as strategies for building and maintaining their mental health and wellbeing at all career stages.

Free for all members, each webinar will run for 90 minutes starting on 9 March with the last session on 27 April 2021.

Webinar 1: Mental health and wellbeing in paramedics

Webinar 2: Mental health and wellbeing in student and early career paramedics

Webinar 3: Mental health and wellbeing throughout your paramedic career

Webinar 4: Supporting mental health and wellbeing as leaders and supervisors

For more information or to book a webinar, visit our Events page.

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