• 5th Mar 2024

Have your say: Paramedics in urgent care clinics

The College strongly advocates for paramedics to be more broadly utilised across all healthcare settings for their unique capabilities. Urgent care clinics (UCCs) are a hot healthcare topic across Australia with the Federal Department of Health and Aged Care opening 58 Medicare UCCs across the country, with other established UCCs supported by the states and territories. While the names of the clinics may differ, the common purpose of UCCs is to provide extended opening hours for urgent but not life-threatening injuries and illnesses.

This short survey aims to capture the profession’s perspective, understanding and awareness of urgent care centres across Australia. The responses collected may be used anonymously to support the College through its advocacy work.

We invite members to have your say in the College survey.

The College will close this survey Monday 25 March 2024.

If you have any further queries relating to this survey, please email policy@paramedics.org.

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