• 17th Apr 2024

The New Zealand Herald: Paramedics in primary care: Hawke's Bay GP practice using 'game changer' care model

Today in the New Zealand Herald, College Member Warren Elliot, Extended Care Paramedic at Te Mata Peak Practice, shares with readers the positive impact paramedics, employed by the primary care clinic, are having on reducing patient wait times and improving patient outcomes.

"We run a paramedic clinic. We will see patients in the treatment rooms and work alongside the nursing team to intervene at their level when they need it,” said Warren.

College CEO, John Bruning also provided comments: “Rural and remote areas across Australasia are struggling to attract and retain the GP workforce; we advocate for the health system to think innovatively about how paramedics can support these communities.”

Read this media article here: Paramedics in primary care: Hawke’s Bay GP practice using ‘game changer’ extended care model

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