• 2nd Mar 2020

Board Brief - February 2020

The Board of the Australasian College of Paramedicine held its second face to face Board meeting on Saturday 15th February 2020 in Sydney.

All Directors and CEO were present - Peter Jurkovsky (Chair), Simone Haigh (Vice Chair), Marty Nichols, Michael Smith, Dr Bronwyn Tunnage, Ryan Lovett and John Bruning (CEO).

The Board discussed a wide range of relevant items during the meeting with further detail provided below on a number of these. Items discussed included:

  • Deed of Transfer (merger contract between ACP, PA and ANZCP)
  • Strategic Plan for 2020
  • Member Representation Model
  • College Logo
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance for members
  • Financial, Human Resource and other organisational policies
  • Member Code of Conduct
  • Board Skills Matrix

Deed of Transfer
The Board discussed the final version of the Deed of Transfer and approved it for signing. Peter Jurkovsky and Marty Nichols signed the Deed on behalf of ACP. ANZCP and PA subsequently signed the Deed of Transfer confirming the commencement date of ACP as 1 March 2020.

Strategic Plan 2020
The Board agree on the 2020 Strategic Plan, which will be released shortly, once branded. The Board identified the importance of member input into the strategic direction of the College and will undertake an extensive member engagement process during 2020 to assist in defining the College’s 2021-23 Strategic Plan.

Member Representation Model
The Board discussed the feedback from the Constitutional Review Panel and a separate paper submitted by Buck Reed into representative models. The Board put in place an interim structure (predominantly maintaining the representative structures from PA and ANZCP) until 1 July 2020, to allow more time to consider this item important aspect of the College’s representative framework.

College Logo
The Board approved the final College logo design. Over a number of voting rounds, considerable member engagement and feedback was received that greatly assisted the Board in finalising the design. The Board are pleased with the logo, which was supported by a large majority of members, and look forward to members supporting the College logo and brand.

Board Skills Matrix
The Board undertook a skills assessment and matrix setting session with Mr Mark McCoy, Nomination and Selection Committee Chair. This important session is key to determining the skills gaps on the Board and helping source appropriate non-member candidates to transition onto the Board to help complement the skills of the existing Directors.

ACP International Conference 2020
The Board are pleased to confirm the host city, venue and date for our inaugural international conference. The conference will be in Canberra at the National Convention Centre from Wednesday 21st to Friday 23rd October 2020.

Please feel free to communicate with our executive team via our feedback email (feedback@paramedics.org) if you have any comments or questions and we will continue to provide you with relevant and updated information in the near future.

Peter Jurkovsky

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