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The Safe Airway Society, COVID-19, and Airway Management: Safe, Simple, Familiar, Reliable and Robust Practices

About The Event

The Safe Airway Society, COVID-19, and Airway Management: Safe, Simple, Familiar, Reliable and Robust Practices

Tuesday 7th of July 2020, 15:00 AEST

In this webinar Matthew Humar (MICA Paramedic, Ambulance Victoria) and Associate Professor David Brewster (Anaesthetist/Intensivist, Cabrini Hospital) discuss the Safe Airway Society’s consensus statement on the principles of airway management specific to the COVID-19 adult patient group. In particular, Matt and David will discuss the foundations of the SAS, development of the consensus statement, and their experiences with providing airway management during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further information

Tuesday 7th July 2020, 15:00 AEST

The webinar will be held online via Zoom.

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Matthew Humar

Matt is an Intensive Care Paramedic and Clinical Instructor with Ambulance Victoria, where he has been a paramedic since 2009. Since the completion of an honours degree in emergency health in 2010, Matt has been a teaching associate with Monash University's undergraduate and postgraduate paramedic degrees. Matt is a board director with the Safe Airway Society (SAS), and is passionate about airway management, patient safety and furthering paramedic education, training, and practice.

Associate Professor David Brewster

David is currently a practicing specialist in both anaesthesia and intensive care medicine. At Cabrini, David currently is the Deputy Director of Intensive Care and the Clinical Dean for the Monash University Clinical School. He has a strong clinical interest in intensive care after cardiac surgery, advanced airway management in intensive care, and anaesthesia for both high-risk patients and the elderly. David is also a board director with the Safe Airway Society (SAS) and is the lead author of the recently published article titled Consensus statement: Safe Airway Society principles of airway management and tracheal intubation specific to the COVID-19 adult patient group.

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Event Information

7th Jul 2020
15:00 – 16:00

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