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Talking Research

The ACP Research Committee is pleased to present bimonthly ‘Talking Research’ Webinars live online. Sessions will be a combination of research education sessions, author interviews, and research discussions. Each event will explore a different topic to enhance member knowledge and understanding of research and its value to the paramedic profession. Guest authors will discuss their research and offer audience members opportunity to ask questions of their own.

The next available Talking Research Webinar can be found HERE

2023 Schedule

Wednesday March 15th

Wednesday May 17th

Wednesday August 16th

Wednesday November 15th

Target Audience

The target audience is broad; from those with a passing interest in research to those actively conducting research.


Talking Research is recorded and made available as a resource for future reference, or for those unable to attend at the designated time. This resource, including the presentation and lecture slides, is available through ‘Online Courses’. Just type Talking Research into the search bar

The next available Talking Research Webinar can be found HERE

Contact Us

Contact us if you have any feedback, want to suggest a topic or research paper for discussion, or would like to be involved as a presenter or guest author.