Research Mentoring Program

What is the Paramedic Research Mentoring Program (PRMP)?

The PRMP is 9-month program aimed at providing paramedics with an opportunity to learn about research from experienced paramedic researchers. The program is aimed at paramedics who have an interest in learning more about research pathways and opportunities in the discipline. Successful applicants will be matched to an experienced paramedic mentor and will engage in a structured series of one-on-one and group mentoring sessions.

The PRMP is not an education course about research design and methods, but a mentoring program that seeks to promote engagement with research, create peer research networks, and encourage transition into formal research pathways such as higher degree by research (HDR) programs.


Participants on our 2021-2022 PRMP said:

The best part of the program was “Being able to make an impact on a person who would have otherwise not have been interested in research. I feel I made a difference to their potential career trajectory which now includes research.”

“A great program and I have personally achieved a lot and got a great idea on direction.”

“This was a great idea and I would recommend it to others. I hope the program grows and continues.”

Who can be a participant, or ‘mentee’?

The program is aimed at registered paramedics who are yet to engage in any formal research training. The eligibility criteria for research mentees are:

Who can be a mentor?

The Committee is seeking experienced mentors with a commitment to fostering the development of the next generation of paramedic researchers. The eligibility criteria for research mentors are:

What commitment is required from mentors and mentees?

The PRMP is a 9-month commitment by mentors and mentees. The mentor and mentee engage in a one-on-one monthly mentoring session, and a group mentoring workshop session every 3 months that brings all mentees and mentors together.

As our program will have participants from all across Australia and New Zealand, workshops and 1:1 meetings are usually held online, so proficiency with online meeting platforms (zoom, Teams etc) is required.

Want to be involved?

Applications are currently closed. For more information or to lodge your expression of interest for future programs, email