Research Mentoring Scheme

The College Research Committee endeavours to support early-career and established researchers through the establishment of a research-mentoring scheme.

Mentors are individuals with research experience and knowledge who are committed to providing support to early-career researchers wishing to undertake a research project, or those considering research as a career pathway.

Mentoring is an important part of an early-career academics’ development. Mentees engage with a mentor that can provide advice and support regarding research planning and conduct, identifying opportunities for research collaboration and promotion, helping to build and extend professional networks, and complementing the advice and guidance provided by any official research supervisory teams.

Mentors can also be a source of support for mid-career researchers embarking on projects in a new research topic or methodology.

Reasons for seeking a mentor

The mentor-menee relationship is important and every person’s reasons for seeking a mentor may be different. Some reasons may include;

Reasons for becoming a mentor

Being a mentor is different from the role of a research supervisor and is an informal support and guidance role. Individuals will have differing reasons for wishing to become a mentor such as;

The role of a mentor is not to;


The Research Committee recommends a specified duration of twelve months for each mentor-mentee relationship to be established, with an evaluation occurring at the end of this duration. Should the mentor and mentee wish to continue the arrangement this will be at the discretion of mentor and mentee.

Participating in the program, as either a mentee or mentor, does not require a large time commitment. Initially, you will need to set aside time for a one-hour introductory session. Following this, you can reasonably expect to meet with your mentor/mentee between three-six times for the duration of the program.

The most common frequency of meetings is once every one-two months, for a duration of one hour per meeting.

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