The next big "thing"


Presented by Dr Tony Smith

In my opinion the next big things to come to the ambulance sector are:

Taking a systematic approach to reviewing response to cardiac arrest, with a detailed focus on every aspect.
Responding members of the public to emergencies via an app.
Ultrasound is the new stethoscope.
The best fluid resuscitation for severe haemorrhagic shock is blood.


Tony Smith is the Medical Director for St John in New Zealand. He is also an Intensive Care Medicine Specialist at Auckland City Hospital. Tony chairs the working group that develops the Clinical Procedures and Guidelines for the ambulance sector in New Zealand and he oversees all of the clinical aspects of St John activities in New Zealand. He is a member of the New Zealand Resuscitation Council and the Australian and New Zealand Committee on Resuscitation. He has an active involvement in pre-hospital research, with a focus on a collaborative approach to multicenter trials. He is a member of the HEMS team in Auckland and has an active role in out of hospital care.



50 minutes
25th Aug 2017
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