ROAR19: Personal safety-tactics to keep you on the front foot


Overview: This session covers key features around: • understanding escalation, effective communication, mental state assessment and de-escalation techniques. How your behaviour and attitudes affect others and your body’s physiological response to stress • preparedness for work and the relationship between factors such as fatigue, personal and professional relationships and attitude to violence and aggression • scene assessment, approach and safety • physical techniques to control aggression. How to achieve physical disengagement from an aggressive person as a last resort and promptly retreat to a safe distance • debriefing a violent incident, documentation, reporting and post-traumatic stress disorder

The Paramedics Australasia Rural Outback and Remote (ROAR) 2019 Conference promises to deliver an informative and educational program aimed at those working in rural, outback and remote out-of-hospital settings.

This exciting program will showcase a broad range of speakers and topics, providing delegates with opportunities to gain new knowledge, apply learned skills to their practice and earn valuable CPD hours. The knowledge and skills gained at ROAR 2019 will benefit paramedics, rural and remote nurses, retrieval and flight specialists, and other allied health staff working side-by-side in this unique environment.

Biography: Stephen is Co-director and Principal Instructor at Guardian Personal Safety Training. He brings 17 years’ experience working for the SA Ambulance Service, the past 10 years as a rescue retrieval paramedic for the elite Special Operations Team. His roles have covered helicopter search and rescue, emergency medical retrieval, wilderness and structural vertical rescue, urban search and rescue and tactical emergency medical support for the South Australia Police. Steve has over 20 years of martial arts experience across various disciplines and remains an active instructor for the SA Ambulance Service as well as lecturing at Flinders University.

Presented by Stephen Tebbett and Simon Leonard

Guardian Personal Safety Training



60 minutes
10th Apr 2019
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