Pacemakers: What Paramedics Need to Know


What does that pacing spike on the ECG really mean?

The College is excited to partner with Cardiac Physiology in Practice to bring members this webinar, which will provide an understanding of how pacemakers work and what the implications are for paramedic care.

This webinar will cover everything you need to know about pacemakers, including exploring the types of pacemakers used and a look at indications for each. We will review their basic components and functions, then dive into troubleshooting ECGs and common complications from the paramedic perspective.

Delivered by an expert team of cardiac physiologists along with experienced paramedic, Jeremy Kuiper, this event is one not to be missed.

Presented by: Natasha Saad, Kenny Ng and Mitchell Cowan

Moderated by: Jeremy Kuiper and Julie Johnson

Learning objectives:

-Identify the different types of Pacemakers and understand the indications for each.

-Identify complications with Pacemakers and identify ECG abnormalities


Natasha Saad

A Senior Cardiac Physiologist and specialising in Cardiac Devices & Electrophysiology, Natasha has extensive experience in performing Electrophysiological procedures with over 10 years of experience in large tertiary centers in the UK and Australia. Natasha has extensive experience in performing Electrophysiological procedures with over 10 years of experience in large tertiary centers in the UK and Australia. She has overhauled the cardiac devices program at Royal North Shore Hospital by developing and implementing extensive professional development and accreditation programs and inter-departmental communication frameworks. Her qualifications include a Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Electrophysiology, and a certificate in both Cardiac Electrophysiology and Cardiac Devices through IBHRE. She is currently conducting research into predicting latent arrhythmias post TAVI procedures using electrophysiological properties and measuring QT intervals in the context of bundle branch blocks. She’s focused on raising professional standards of healthcare by implementing comprehensive educational programs in ECG, Devices and EP.

Kenny Ng

Kenny Ng is a Senior Cardiac Physiologist at Royal North Shore, specifically directing and developing the education for Echocardiography and Electrocardiography and is responsible for mentoring a number of Cardiac Physiologists and Registrars in Echocardiography. He also assists in the education of staff in the Cardiac Catheterisation Lab and has lectured in multiple national educational webinars and meetings. He has just recently submitted an abstract for CSANZ alongside some colleagues. He works as a Lecturer at Western Sydney University in Echocardiography. His qualifications include a Graduate Diploma of Electrophysiology and a Graduate Diploma in Cardiac Ultrasound with QUT.

Mitchell Cowan

Mitchell Cowan is the Senior Cardiac Physiologist at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia. He specialises in Electrophysiology & Cardiac Devices, having completed a Graduate Diploma of Electrophysiology through CEPIA as well as a Certificate in Cardiac Electrophysiology and a Certificate in Cardiac Devices through IBHRE. He currently sits on the EP Test Writing Committee for IBHRE and the Professional Standards Committee for PICSA. He is a published author in JACC on the management of ventricular arrhythmias and is currently involved in research projects on the QT interval as well as predicting sudden death in TAVI. He has also written chapters on atrial flutter, RVOT VT & ARVC in the “Cardiac Electrophysiology in Clinical Case Review” textbook. He has lectured for the local health district and spoken at conferences of national and local levels. He is passionate about educating staff and increasing the professional standards of healthcare to facilitate better patient care.

Jeremy Kuiper

Jeremy is an experienced Paramedic working on road in a regional centre. He holds dual qualifications in Paramedicine and Medical and Health sciences. He is also the Director of Education with surf lifesaving and an experienced facilitator and educator.

Julie Johnson

Julie is a Registered Paramedic, nurse, and clinical educator. She has worked across many sectors in paramedics and nursing including state ambulance service, primary health care, emergency, non-emergency, and private paramedic practice in VIC and NSW. Julie spent several years working as a dermatology nurse with specialist dermatologists assisting in the excision of skin cancers and surgical procedures along with acute and chronic wound management. Julie has a special interest in education and holds Postgraduate qualifications in tertiary and higher education. Her projects include championing education for the South Pacific through the development and delivery of training in vocational paramedicine. She is currently undertaking a Research Master’s in paramedic education, investigating pathways to higher education and career extension.

This session is designed for educational purposes. Your organisational guidelines and policies under which you are endorsed to practice should always be followe

Image by Ali Hajiluyi from Unsplash

Presented by Natasha Saad, Kenny Ng, Mitchell Cowan & Jeremy Kuiper



73 minutes
29th Jul 2022
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