Obstetric Emergencies - Never Underestimate


Presented by Chris Wildey, RN & Midwife with NSWA Chris' presentation will cover bleeding disorders in pregnancy such as antepartum haemorrhage, postpartum haemorrhage and their associated causes. Placenta praevia and placental abruption will also be discussed in addition to the most common pregnancy related condition, pregnancy induced hypertension.

The lethal amniotic fluid embolism will also be covered along with the varied prehospital presentations of ectopic pregnancy.

Bio: Bachelor Nursing, Master Science (Midwifery), Grad Cert Critical Care, Diploma Paramedical Science Current – Nurse Unit Manager, Air Ambulance Mascot, Ambulance Service of NSW Registered Nurse/Registered Midwife ICU Nurse St George Hospital Midwifery training completed at Wollongong Hospital P1 Paramedic (Wollongong and Sydney)



95 minutes
20th Sep 2016
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