Move your leg I need to wee - Part 2


Following on from their fascinating ACPIC 2021 presentation, Move your leg I need to wee, Libby Harahan and Luke Frost are delivering a follow-up webinar, where they will be focussing on this case in more depth, and sharing the lessons that all paramedics can learn from complex jobs.

We encourage you to view the original presentation prior to attending this session, to gain some background on the case. You can view the original presentation here.

Overview: Libby and Luke attended a job on 17th May 2020. An hour before last light, they were tasked by Helicopter to a climber fallen at Carnes Wall in Medlow Bath. Carnes Wall is an unclimbed route in a remote area of the Blue Mountains, NSW, that had recently been ravaged by fires. The climber had fallen 20 metres and was now on a 1-metre-wide ledge. The patient was 70 metres down from the top of the cliff, with a further 150 metres of rugged rock face below, to the valley floor. The patient was seriously injured with multiple complex fractures. With the assistance of Police Rescue, Libby and Luke worked in extremely difficult conditions to access and treat the injured climber.


Libby Hanrahan Libby’s love for caring for patients started with a short stint as a Registered Nurse. Libby then wanted to continue caring for patients but wanted to be outside. So, 20 years ago she joined NSW Ambulance. On-road, she worked in the roles of Intensive Care and Extended Care Paramedic, Station Officer, Duty Operations Manager and an Executive Staff Officer at state headquarters. She has also worked within the Sydney Control Centre as Call Taker, Control Centre Officer (dispatcher) and Duty Control Centre Officer. 7 years ago Libby began her training for the position of Critical Care Helicopter Paramedic. She now works full time in this role at the Sydney Helicopter Base, with secondments to the Aeromedical Education and Training unit as a Paramedic Educator. Her wish to care for patients outdoors is certainly now a reality.

Luke Frost Luke has a Masters in Osteopathy and worked for a short time as an Osteopath before joining the New South Wales Ambulance Service in 2008. Luke has an Advanced Diploma and Bachelor Degree in Prehospital Care. Luke worked as a Paramedic and then Intensive Care Paramedic in Western and South Western Sydney for 10 years. Luke qualified as a Critical Care Helicopter Paramedic in 2020 and currently works in North Western NSW at the Tamworth Helicopter Base.

Presented by Libby Hanrahan and Luke Frost



64 minutes
20th May 2022
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