How Do You Even Deal With That?


Presented by Marc Colbeck You respond to a horrific call and perform your role as a medical professional, the way you've been extensively trained to, based on the best evidence. Then what? You may return to station, or go home, and the images invariably come back into your mind - what do you do with them? How do you cope? Should you block them out, or make yourself re-experience them so that you can ""work through"" them, or should you do something else? Psychologists have studied this extensively and there is an answer to the question - How do you even deal with that? This talk will present those strategies in a simple and straightforward way so that paramedics will walk away with practical tools they can use (and share) right away.

Marc Colbeck has an MA in Counselling Psychology and has experience counselling emergency service personnel with Acute and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is the Senior Lecturer and Course Coordinator for the ACU Paramedic Degree in Brisbane and was previously a Critical Care Paramedic for Toronto Paramedic Services, and the General Manager of Clinical Governance for South Australia Ambulance Service.



40 minutes
29th Apr 2016
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