"The Expert In Pre Hospital Care" - Is there such a thing?


Presented by Tony Walker ASM

Presentation Synopsis: The role of ambulance services has evolved significantly over the past few decades with a move way from transport services staffed by drivers with little training to complex organisations with highly trained paramedics responding to ever increasing demands on their services. In this presentation we’ll explore the changing role of ambulance services and the way they are adapting to meet evolving expectations and needs of the communities they serve.

Bio: Associate Professor Tony Walker is Chief Executive Officer of Ambulance Victoria. He is a qualified Intensive Care Paramedic with over 30 years’ experience working in a range of senior clinical governance, education and operational roles and also holds an adjunct appointment as Associate Professor, Paramedic Sciences in the College of Health and Biomedicine at Victoria University. Tony is a recipient of the Ambulance Service Medal (ASM) for his outstanding contribution to the development of ambulance services at a state and national level and also the Heart Foundation’s President’s Award in recognition of his significant contributions to their work in improving cardiovascular health.



35 minutes
8th Apr 2016
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