ROAR19: Everything but the kitchen sink


Medics love and hate kit! We often love it to the point we hate it because we end up with just too much bulk and not enough of what we need. This workshop explores:

• different approaches to choosing, packing and carrying medical equipment for remote or resource limited environments

• strategies for achieving optimal performance, clinically, physically and mentally

• personal sustainment gear for different environments, including performance hydration and nutrition, limitations and pitfalls.

The Paramedics Australasia Rural Outback and Remote (ROAR) 2019 Conference promises to deliver an informative and educational program aimed at those working in rural, outback and remote out-of-hospital settings.

This exciting program will showcase a broad range of speakers and topics, providing delegates with opportunities to gain new knowledge, apply learned skills to their practice and earn valuable CPD hours. The knowledge and skills gained at ROAR 2019 will benefit paramedics, rural and remote nurses, retrieval and flight specialists, and other allied health staff working side-by-side in this unique environment.

Presented by Paul Reeves

Paul's a Senior Intensive Care Paramedic with St John Ambulance Critical Response Unit, and works with multiple agencies in Alice Springs. He's delivered tactical and remote paramedicine in conflict/post-conflict areas including the United Nations.



55 minutes
10th Apr 2019
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