Education from a lived experience, replacing stigma with resilience and recovery


Presented by Allan Sparks, CV, OAM

Best-selling Author, Corporate Speaker, an International Yachtsman, and a Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Advocate. Allan is also the recipient of Australia’s highest bravery decoration, the Cross of Valour. He is a Beyondblue Ambassador, a Soldier On Ambassador and an Australia Day Ambassador. He is a volunteer member of the NSW Police Mental Health Intervention Training Team, a member of the New South Wales Mental Health Commission Suicide Prevention Advisory Panel and a member of the National Leadership Group of Suicide Prevention Australia. Allan was a keynote speaker at the recent National Conference on the Mental Health of First Responders.

Over 2,500 Australians a year lose their life to suicide. Over 50,000 Australians a year make a serious attempt at taking their own life. On top of these horrific statistics, every year, countless Australians, mostly first responders, have their lives and careers destroyed through mental illnesses like PTSD. Allan's belief is there is an ongoing and increasing need for a concentrated and collaborative approach to PTSD, mental illness and suicide prevention in all of our First Responder Agencies. His submissions are that broader education and knowledge are vital to promote and maintain the health, wellbeing and careers of these people who are critical to our society.



45 minutes
29th Apr 2016
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