Creating mentally healthy workplaces in the first responder setting


Presented by Tim Peck The beyondblue First Responders Program (FRP) aims to promote the mental health and wellbeing of first responders and reduce their risk of suicide. It builds on the beyondblue Heads Up initiative which aims to highlight the benefits of mentally healthy workplaces to all Australian organisations and workers, and provide simple, practical tools to take action. As part of the FRP, beyondblue has developed a Good Practice Framework for Mental Health and Wellbeing in First Responder Organisations, in consultation with first responder agencies and experts. The Framework outlines a strategic, integrated and holistic approach to promoting mental health and wellbeing, supporting first responders with mental health conditions, and preventing suicide.

The presentation will provide an overview of the Good Practice Framework, including concrete actions first responder organisations can implement to create mentally healthy working environments. It will also refer to relevant workplace research and resources related to the Heads Up initiative and the broader activities of the FRP. These include an audit of existing mental health services and programs provides by first responder organisations, a planned national mental health study of Australian first responders, and an engagement program focusing on first responder stakeholders.

Tim has come to beyondblue following a 20 year career with Victoria Police, his most recent role being as a Detective Senior Sergeant in the Intelligence and Covert Support Division. He brings extensive experience in crime investigation, including holding a position with the Homicide Squad and specialising in Middle Eastern Organised Crime. More recently he has been exposed to supervisory roles in both uniform and investigative settings, including preparing and delivery training in the specialised area of Human Source Management.



35 minutes
29th Apr 2016
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