Performance under pressure and Mass casualty incidents - real life experiences


Performance under pressure, presented by Geoff Sutton

High performing individuals are able to perform at the level they do because of key characteristics which remove roadblocks to success and reinforce useful coping strategies. Recognising where we all sit on these key resilience factors is the start of the high performer’s journey. This presentation will give participants an understanding of these important aspects of high performance and provide mechanisms to functionally develop skills in these five key areas.

Mass casualty incidents - real life experiences, presented by Dean Brown

Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs) are thankfully few and far between, but the triage and management are an important skill to master. Key concepts will be presented.


Geoff Sutton - Geoff initially cut his teeth as an organisational psychologist in the NZ military providing internal consultancy services to middle and senior managers. As the Special Forces (SF) psychologist for the 1st New Zealand Special Air Service Regiment, Geoff designed and ran multiple specialist selection processes for the SAS, worked with individuals following potentially traumatic events, developed a range of high-performance packages for SF trainees, and delivered peak performance developmental suites to teams within the unit. Having done his Doctorate in dark personality traits, Geoff has an interest in wellbeing within organisations and working with managers to understand and mitigate harmful workplace behaviours.

Dean Brown - Dean is an Intensive Care Paramedic with twenty-six years of frontline experience, both road and HEMS based. His experience includes first-hand experience in triaging, extricating, and treating patients from MCI’s both natural disasters and terrorist attacks. The lessons learned from these experiences have created a passion in Dean to improve the processes associated with MCI’s and thereby saving lives.

Presented by Geoff Sutton and Dean Brown



95 minutes
21st Oct 2021
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