Foundational Cardiology and ECG Interpretation


This session will take a foundational review of cardiology and ECGs. We will look at clinical cardiac interventions under a variety of conditions within established clinical guidelines and protocols. We will systematically evaluate and interpret patient assessment information to make judgements regards patient care requirements and cover landmarks for ECG lead attachment.

You will review the interpretation of a range of ECGs using a systematic method to analyse cardiac rhythms and learn how to identify the basic relationship of leads at set points on the body.

Lastly, we cover identifying shockable and non-shockable rhythms in the unconscious, non breathing casualty.

Presented by: Jeremy Kuiper

Jeremy is an experienced Paramedic working on road in a regional centre. He holds dual qualifications in Paramedicine and Medical and Health sciences. He is also the Director of Education with surf lifesaving and an experienced facilitator and educator.

Photo by Ali Hajiluyi on Unsplash

Presented by Jeremy Kuiper



54 minutes
8th Dec 2021
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