ACPIC 2022: A critical ethnographic study of discriminatory social practice during clinical practice in emergency medical care


Australasian College of Paramedicine International Conference (ACPIC 2022)

ACPIC 2022 delivered a wide range of clinical and research sessions from experts and leaders in paramedicine. Hosted in Brisbane (September 2022) the program was designed to inspire, educate and broaden horizons.

Conference theme: Embracing Strengths | Shaping Futures

A critical ethnographic study of discriminatory social practice during clinical practice in emergency medical care

(Authors: TN Maake, BT Millar, LD Christopher, N Naidoo)

This qualitative study examines the experiences and perceptions of racial and other forms of discrimination between Emergency Medical Care (EMC) students, clinical mentors, and patients within an Emergency Medical Service during clinical practice. Unfair discrimination within the pre-hospital setting has an impact on the learning opportunities of EMC students. Such practice violates basic human rights and has the potential to negatively affect clinical management. This study confirms the existence of discriminatory practices during WIL which is usually unreported. The lack a structured approach to redress the discrimination causes a lack of inclusivity and unequal access to clinical education.

Biography: Navin Naidoo

As a former Assistant Director in a jurisdictional Ambulance Service and having served on the executive of the Professional Board for Emergency Care, HPCSA, Navin is experienced in health systems management and regulation. His research and policy interest includes critical theory, transformative pedagogy, gender-based violence prevention and evidence-informed decision making that intersects state and civil society interests in emergency care. Navin was co-chair of the Belgium Red Cross First Aid for First Responders EBM project in sub-Saharan Africa and is a certified alternate dispute resolution mediator. He supervises higher degree research in South Africa and Australia, in the fields of Paramedicine, social inclusivity, health professions education, emergency and forensic medicine.

Moderator: Craig Campbell, Senior Lecturer, Postgraduate Course Coordinator, School of Medicine / Discipline of Paramedicine, University of Tasmania

Presented by Navin Naidoo



28 minutes
17th Oct 2022
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