ACPIC 2021: Survival outcomes in traumatic out-of-hospital cardiac arrest after the introduction of a trauma-focused resuscitation protocol


The ACP International Conference provides an unmatched opportunity for our members to learn from experts and leaders in paramedicine. ACPIC 2021 was delivered as a hybrid conference (online and face to face in the Sunshine Coast, QLD and Hobart, TAS) in November 2021.

The optimal treatment approaches for managing traumatic out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) patients remain unclear. The new published treatment guidelines were driven by consensus and highlighted the importance of addressing potentially reversible causes of traumatic cardiac arrest. However, there is still no evidence supporting the benefit of these guidelines in improving patient outcomes. In 2016, Ambulance Victoria changed its resuscitation guidelines, prioritising airway management and ventilation, control of external bleeding, decompression of suspected tension pneumothorax and fluid resuscitation, ahead of traditional cardiopulmonary resuscitation efforts. Measuring the potential impact of changes to interventions is important for identifying the future direction of prehospital management for traumatic OHCA patients. Therefore, in this session, Zainab will present and discuss the findings of the impact of a trauma-focused treatment protocol on survival outcomes after traumatic OHCA in Victoria, Australia, using data from the Victorian Ambulance Cardiac Arrest Registry.

Biography: Zainab Alqudah

Zainab has worked as a paramedic and a paramedic educator for more than five years. She has an interest in investigating the prehospital response to major trauma and cardiovascular emergencies. Zainab holds a master's degree in Emergency Health Services from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, US and a bachelor's degree in Paramedic Science from Jordan University of Science and Technology. She is currently a PhD candidate with the Department of Paramedicine, Monash University, investigating the epidemiology, outcomes, and prehospital management of traumatic out-of-hospital cardiac arrests

Session moderator: Linda Ross

Presented by Zainab Alqudah



20 minutes
28th Feb 2022
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