ACPIC 2021: Roles and responsibilities in the hot zone


The ACP International Conference provides an unmatched opportunity for our members to learn from experts and leaders in paramedicine. ACPIC 2021 was delivered as a hybrid conference (online and face to face in the Sunshine Coast, QLD and Hobart, TAS) in November 2021.

Roles and responsibilities in the Hot zone, (what are hot zones). Security (what do I do?, what should we be looking for?, what else is happening in the general area), layouts (track plans and pathways of the hot zone) and movement in hot zones. treatments in the Hot zone (ALS Versus BLS)

Biography: Chris Harn

Chris joined the Australian Army in May 2001 deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan as a Combat First Aider (CFA) before transferring to the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps (RAAMC) as a reserve in 2014, As a medic working in North West Mobile Force (NORFORCE) he specializes in austere and remote area medical support to indigenous populations in the Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Chris is currently studying his bachelor's of Paramedical Science with Central Queensland University (CQU).

Session moderator: Linda Ross

Presented by Chris Harn



18 minutes
28th Feb 2022
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