ACPIC 2021: Adverse events from nitrate administration during right ventricular myocardial infarction: A systematic review and meta-analysis


The ACP International Conference provides an unmatched opportunity for our members to learn from experts and leaders in paramedicine. ACPIC 2021 was delivered as a hybrid conference (online and face to face in the Sunshine Coast, QLD and Hobart, TAS) in November 2021.

Avoiding nitrates during RVMI due to the risk of decreased preload – and subsequent hypotension – is routinely taught to undergraduates. However, the evidence underlying this view is rarely considered. This session describes how a single paper with methodological weaknesses and a sample size of just 40 came to form the dominant narrative for nearly half a century, despite ongoing conflicting evidence. The results of a systematic review into the topic will be presented, and current suggestions for best practice revisited.

Biography: Matt Wilkinson-Stokes

Matt is a paramedic and postgraduate student. In his personal life he is joyfully married and has a beautiful golden retriever puppy called Waffles.

Session moderator: Linda Ross

Presented by Matt Wilkinson-Stokes



26 minutes
28th Feb 2022
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