ACPIC 2021: Keynote presentation - Ant Williams


The ACP International Conference provides an unmatched opportunity for our members to learn from experts and leaders in paramedicine. ACPIC 2021 was delivered as a hybrid conference (online and face to face in the Sunshine Coast, QLD and Hobart, TAS) in November 2021.

In this session, Ant Williams will discuss:

  • An introduction to the extreme sport of freediving
  • How anyone can learn how to perform under pressure, even on the toughest jobs
  • What happens to you when the heat gets turned up? The pressure test (activity)
  • A model for understanding your disaster response (the T-1 model)
  • Techniques for performing under pressure
    • Learn how to perform a 4-stage breath correctly
    • Learn how to get centered in 6 seconds or less
  • Hear the story of Ant’s world record attempt in the Arctic Circle

Biography: Ant Williams

Ant holds the World Record up as the deepest man under ice. He is ranked as one of the best freedivers in the world and can hold his breath for over 8 minutes. In a swimming pool he can swim 240m without taking a breath, which is nearly five lengths of an Olympic size pool. And in the ocean, he can dive 100m straight down on a single breath of air.

Previously a Sport Psychologist, Ant has trained Olympic athletes and international sports teams. Competing in one of the most frightening and uncomfortable sports in the world has given our next speaker firsthand experience in dealing with fear and performing under pressure.

In 2021, Ant worked with Ambulance Victoria and the Air Ambulance on helping first responders understand what happens to them when a job becomes volatile, and they are required to perform under pressure.

Session moderator: Michelle Murphy

Presented by Ant Williams



60 minutes
24th Jan 2022
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