Clinical updates on COVID


Clinical updates on COVID

This update focused on the clinical aspects of COVID – how you assess and manage patients with this disease. Measures were instituted to be COVID-safe, including a cap on numbers and distancing of attendees.

Facilitated by: Richard Goldsmith, FACEM at SALHN


Dr Andrew Cooke, FACEM St George Hospital, Sydney - Adult perspective

Dr Simon Craig, Paediatric Emergency Specialist Monash, Melbourne - Paediatric perspective

Dr Nick Edwards - Intensivist and ICU COVID (Medical) Lead, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Dr Lauren Fielke - COVID Inpatient Medical Lead, General Medicine Consultant, Royal Adelaide Hospital

Associate Professor David Shaw - Head of Unit, Infectious Diseases Department, CALHN

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

Presented by Dr Andrew Cooke, Dr Simon Craig, Dr Nick Edwards, Dr Lauren Fielke, Associate Professor David Shaw & Richard Goldsmith



130 minutes
8th Dec 2021
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