STUCON 2021: Dual qualifications (and registration) – the future of a twofold role in a multi-disciplinary health care system


STUCON 2021 is an in-depth student conference that focuses on clinical best practice, education and research.

Aimed at undergraduate paramedic students, the conference offered an insight into current and emerging knowledge from across the globe. Speakers included a mix of students, researchers, educators and industry practitioners for a truly enlightening experience. STUCON 2021 was an online conference, hosted in July 2021.

With the introduction of paramedic registration, there will now be a number of paramedics that hold dual qualifications (and registration) in nursing and paramedicine. How do you envisage this role in the future and how will it function within the multidisciplinary health care team?

With the introduction of paramedic registration, there will be many paramedics holding dual qualifications in nursing and paramedics. With steadily increasing Emergency Department presentations and escalating needs of the community, the dual paramedic nurse role could provide an innovative solution, opening doors for unique opportunities to deliver health care. Several studies throughout the world have shown benefits in this dual role, particularly in rural, community and marginalized settings. This session will explore this role, how it may look in the future, and how it will function within the multidisciplinary health care team. With the overall aim being increased accessibility to timely emergency care and improved health outcomes, the paramedic nurse role may be revolutionary.

Biography: Bethany Birkett

Bethany is currently a postgraduate paramedicine student at Federation University, completing the conversion course from nursing, and due to graduate at the end of 2021. She has been nursing in the oncology/haematology setting since her graduate year in 2013, having completed postgraduate studies in this area also. She has decided to make the transition into pre-hospital emergency care with nursing as a solid foundation. In addition to her current studies, she is an operational member with St John’s Ambulance, gaining valuable experience in the pre-hospital setting.

STUCON 2021 MC: Buck Reed

Presented by Bethany Birkett



13 minutes
30th Aug 2021
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