STUCON 2021: The impact of body worn cameras on incidence of occupational violence toward paramedics: A systematic review


STUCON 2021 is an in-depth student conference that focuses on clinical best practice, education and research.

Aimed at undergraduate paramedic students, the conference offered an insight into current and emerging knowledge from across the globe. Speakers included a mix of students, researchers, educators and industry practitioners for a truly enlightening experience. STUCON 2021 was an online conference, hosted in July 2021.

Student Research Presentation: The impact of body-worn cameras on incidence of occupational violence towards paramedics: A systematic review

There is a growing body of evidence that indicates an increase in the amount of occupational violence (OV) directed towards paramedics. As a result, body-worn cameras have emerged as one of several strategies aimed at reducing the incidence of occupational violence. However, BWC programs require significant investments from not only a financial perspective, but also in infrastructure, technology, and user training; all the while there is little data demonstrating an effect of BWC’s on reducing OV. So, are BWC’s a worthwhile investment for reducing OV?


Aaron Farok

Aaron is currently in the final year of B. Health Sci (Paramedicine). He has a background in Medical Science and Biomedical Engineering (USyd). Aaron decided to change career paths towards Paramedicine due to the extensive opportunities to help people. Initially, drawn to the hands-on application of clinical skills, Aaron now finds it enjoyable meeting patients and listening to their wildest stories!

Luke Mackey

Luke is an undergraduate student studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine). Luke has previously completed a Bachelor of Nursing at ACU. After working in the emergency department in a hospital and talking to the paramedics, he decided to study paramedicine. Whilst studying Paramedicine Luke has had the opportunity to develop clinical skills, meet some of the most interesting patients and work with some of the most amazing people.

STUCON 2021 MC: Buck Reed

Presented by Aaron Farok & Luke Mackey



10 minutes
30th Aug 2021
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