STUCON 2021: How the patient experience can improve the quality of paramedic care


STUCON 2021 is an in-depth student conference that focuses on clinical best practice, education and research.

Aimed at undergraduate paramedic students, the conference offered an insight into current and emerging knowledge from across the globe. Speakers included a mix of students, researchers, educators and industry practitioners for a truly enlightening experience. STUCON 2021 was an online conference, hosted in July 2021.

How the patient experience can improve the quality of paramedic care

Research into the patient experience of paramedic care is very limited and often we gauge the patient experience by satisfaction surveys. However, understanding how satisfied a patient is through a survey does not sufficiently allow us to understand the specific aspects of the paramedic patient interaction from the patients perspective. The literature defines the patient interaction into three domains; 1. The physiology, medical needs of the patient; 2. ‘Customer service’; and 3. The lived experience of the patient. This presentation will discuss domain three with reference to recent research into the experience of patients while in paramedic care.

Biography: Dr Belinda Flanagan

Dr Belinda Flanagan has been involved in various areas of health since 1990 and over this period has gained extensive experience in healthcare, emergency medical services and education sectors. Prior to her appointment with University of the Sunshine Coast, Belinda was an Advanced Care Paramedic with both the New South Wales and Queensland Ambulance Service and a Registered Nurse/Midwife with New South Wales and Queensland Health. Belinda frequently collaborates with the Queensland Ambulance Service in guideline development and education in the area of obstetrics and neonatal resuscitation. Belinda has completed a PhD exploring the paramedic response to obstetric emergencies, this will provide recommendations for the management of emergency obstetric cases.

STUCON 2021 MC: Buck Reed

Presented by Dr Belinda Flanagan



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30th Aug 2021
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