ROAR21: Let’s Exercise! & Priority YOU!


Rural Outback and Remote Paramedic Conference (ROAR) 2021

The Rural Outback and Remote Paramedic Conference is designed specifically for paramedics and allied health professionals working in rural, outback and remote locations

Let’s Exercise! Exercise at any time, any place

Performing exercise regularly (20-30 minutes a day) is essential for wellbeing and health, but not many people actually do it. Prof Nosaka will summarise the importance of regular exercise, and show some simple exercises that can be performed at home and work. One type of exercises that he suggests is “eccentric exercises” such as sitting to a chair slowly and walking down stairs. Sitting to a chair slowly 10 times a day may be minimal stimulus that our body requires every day to maintain its function and condition.

Biography: Prof Ken Nosaka

Prof Nosaka worked in Japan before relocating to ECU in April 2004. Over the past 16 years, his main responsibilities were to coordinate Postgraduate and Honours research programs (2007-2014), direct the Centre for Exercise and Sports Science Research (2007-2012), and lead the Exercise and Sports Science discipline (2015-present). He has published more than 280 peer-reviewed articles, and approximately 70% of his publications are related to “eccentric exercise.”

Priority YOU!

Putting YOU at the centre of the Priority Response - a series of quick, efficient and transformational strategies which drive meaningful and sustainable behaviour change that will have you performing at the peak of your physical and psychological game, making you fit for duty and ultimately fit for life!

Biography: Mitch Mullooly

Mitch is a Health and Wellness Strategist supporting the wellbeing of emergency first responders. Mitch has spent more than two decades as a Paramedic in the pre-hospital emergency environment and has a long-held passion for healthy living and wellbeing within the international emergency services community.

Presented by Prof Ken Nosaka & Mitch Mullooly



30 minutes
9th Jul 2021
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