Foundations of pharmacology


An overview of pharmacology concepts that describe how drugs move through the body and what the body does to drugs. Concepts such as basic pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are covered along with the effects of individual physiology.

Aimed at health professionals, this webinar is suitable for all practice levels and aims to develop knowledge that promotes safe medication administration.

Biography: Julie Johnson

Julie is a Registered Paramedic, nurse and clinical educator. She has worked across many sectors in paramedics and nursing including state ambulance service, primary health care, emergency, non-emergency, and private paramedic practice in Vic and NSW. Julie has a special interest in education and holds Postgraduate qualifications in tertiary and higher education. Her projects include championing education for the South Pacific through the development and delivery of training in vocational paramedicine. She is currently undertaking a Research Master’s in paramedic education, investigating pathways to higher education and career extension.

Presented by Julie Johnson



30 minutes
13th Dec 2021
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