ACPIC23: The Path Less Travelled


Australasian College of Paramedicine International Conference (ACPIC23)

ACPIC 2023 delivered a wide range of clinical and research sessions from experts and leaders in paramedicine. Hosted in Melbourne (September 2023) the program was designed to inspire, educate and broaden horizons.

Conference theme: Lead - Evolve - Impact

The Path Less Travelled

Paramedicine in Queensland Mining & Construction

In this session the paramedic shares their journey from working as a Branch Station Officer in a remote area to seeking a work opportunity that offers better work/life/study balance. They discovered private sector work in mining and construction and secured a position with Corporate Protection Australia (CPA) in their health and medical sector. Working as a paramedic in this dynamic environment, they often found themselves as the sole medical personnel on-site, dealing with low acuity cases and occasionally challenging decisions. They offer advice to other paramedics considering this industry, emphasizing the importance of being proactive, assertive, and well-prepared while embracing the endless opportunities the private sector has to offer.

Biography: Hannah Woodruff

Hannah is a 25-year-old paramedic with a passion for providing emergency medical care in rural and remote areas. She grew up in remote New Zealand and then moved to Tasmania. She graduated with a Bachelor of Paramedicine from UTAS in February 2018 and pursued her internship with Ambulance Tasmania (AT). For four years Hannah worked for AT, with one year as a Branch Station Officer, honing her skills in leadership and single response. In 2022, she took a leap and moved to Queensland, where she ventured into the private sector, working as a paramedic in the mining and construction industry. She primarily worked on a remote construction site in SE Queensland and a coal mine in North Eastern Queensland. Whilst working in this capacity she also completed her Graduate Diploma of Advanced Paramedicine (critical and primary care).

An introduction to Event Medicine

A brief introduction to Event Medicine, my journey and how this unique speciality has evolved and how it positively impacts the greater health care continuum. I will discuss what motivated me to pursuing this path less travelled, my experiences along the way and advice for those interested in being involved with this exciting and evolving speciality.

Biography: Ethan Dooley

Ethan is the Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of 1300MEDICS and Retrieval Medics International. He is a dual registered paramedic and nurse with a broad range of qualifications and experience across a variety of pre-hospital, and hospital environments, with his passion lying in providing contemporary and innovated medical services to mass gatherings and special events. The services he oversees provides care to over seven thousand events per year, seeing twenty thousand patients, across three states, which gives him a unique and comprehensive understanding of this specialist area. Ethan enjoys contributing to various advisory boards and reference groups which advance the profession of paramedicine or improve the care patients receive at events and venues. Being a little adventurous at heart, Ethan has undertaken additional training in tactical medicine and underwater / diving medicine. On the odd day off, you will find Ethan out on the water scuba diving or travelling to somewhere new!

Journey into the Wilderness

A short description of my journey into Wilderness Medicine and how I have applied it to my daily clinical practice. This will include my motivations for pursuing this as an area of specialist practice, the training I have undertaken along the way and some advice for others who may wish to follow a similar pathway.

Biography: Kerryn Wratt

Kerryn is a Critical Care Flight Paramedic based in Nelson, New Zealand. Prior to this he spent 2 years as CSO and then Critical Care Flight Paramedic Intern in Tasmania as well as 20 years in Victoria in a wide range of locations and roles. Kerryn has a well developed interest in wilderness medicine having had the opportunity to provide clinical care and teach in places as diverse as Kenya, Hungary, Alaska, Patagonia, Nepal and Papua New Guinea. Kerryn has also led the establishment of the Australasian Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society (AWEMS) where he is the current president.

Moderator: Matt Cook, ACPIC23 Organising Committee Member, Paramedic & Registered Nurse

Presented by Hannah Woodruff, Ethan Dooley & Kerryn Wratt



76 minutes
21st Dec 2023
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