ACPIC23: Paediatric Trauma, Tactics for success. Simplifying the complicated


Australasian College of Paramedicine International Conference (ACPIC23)

ACPIC 2023 delivered a wide range of clinical and research sessions from experts and leaders in paramedicine. Hosted in Melbourne (September 2023) the program was designed to inspire, educate and broaden horizons.

Conference theme: Lead - Evolve - Impact

Paediatric Trauma, Tactics for success. Simplifying the complicated

Management of children, particularly in the trauma setting has always tended to be a stressful patient cohort for many Paramedics. This session aims to shine a light on strategies to assist in maximising the understanding of common threads of assessment and treatment of both adults and children, and a focus on minimising aspects of paediatric care that create that stress. The session has a focus on the impact of Human Factors, and the ability of Paramedics to minimise this impact via the development and fostering of clinical resilience.

Biography: Shaun Whitmore

Shauns substantive role is currently a HEMS Intensive Care Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria, but he has held various roles in acute health care since 1986. These have included Division 1 Nursing Roles in Oncology, Paediatrics and Emergency Nursing. Shaun has been a lecturer at Monash University for over 20 years, and has also facilitated Education Programs in Borneo, PNG and Malaysia. His special interests include Wilderness and Disaster Response, along with a particular interest in Human Factors and clinical error.

Moderator: Sam Burton, MICA Paramedic, Ambulance Victoria

Presented by Shaun Whitmore



40 minutes
30th Nov 2023
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