ACPIC23: Harnessing Global Insights for Local Action: Navigating Community Paramedicine Programs Across Borders


Australasian College of Paramedicine International Conference (ACPIC23)

ACPIC 2023 delivered a wide range of clinical and research sessions from experts and leaders in paramedicine. Hosted in Melbourne (September 2023) the program was designed to inspire, educate and broaden horizons.

Conference theme: Lead - Evolve - Impact

Harnessing Global Insights for Local Action: Navigating Community Paramedicine Programs Across Borders

This presentation aims to provide guidance on the future of community paramedicine programs in Australia. Utilising qualitative methodology using a systems-based analysis, 29 participants from seven countries were selected and provided their insights on community paramedicine program development. The result spotlight the crucial role of community involvement, strategic collaboration, and effective communication in successfully implementing and managing community paramedicine programs. By interpreting these shared international experiences and insights, we can better inform the design and implementation of community paramedicine programs in Australia, thereby influencing policy decisions and practical approaches in the community health sector.

Biography: Dr Brendan Shannon

Brendan, a registered paramedic and academic at Monash University. As Head of Postgraduate Programs and Deputy Head of Department of Paramedicine, his expertise lies in Community Paramedicine and curriculum development and health services research. His doctoral research focused on the implementation of alternative care pathways for underserved communities, underlining the importance of interprofessional practice. Brendan's research interests include alternative care pathways, community paramedicine, and underserved communities.

Moderator: Dr Louise Reynolds, Deputy Chair, Research Committee, Australasian College of Paramedicine and Chief Paramedic Officer, Safer Care Victoria

Presented by Dr Brendan Shannon



20 minutes
20th Dec 2023
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