The Debrief - EP1: Leadership and kindness

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Host: James Pearce, BHSc(Paramedic), BN, GCInfPrevCtrl, MAdvPrac, GCHigherEd, FACPara, Lecturer in Paramedic Science, College of Medicine & Public Health
Guest: Professor Alan Eade, Chief Paramedic Officer at Safer Care Victoria, Intensive Care (MICA) Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria and Adjunct Associate Professor at Monash university.

About this episode:
In this episode of The Debrief, we are joined by Professor Alan Eade to discuss all things leadership.

Alan discusses what type of leader he believes he is, the leaders in his life who impacted his leadership and whether his leadership style has changed during COVID. We also hear why Alan believes "being kind, will always pay you back"

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36 minutes
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