The Debrief - EP15: Life isn’t always what the brochure says!

About the podcast

In this podcast Kate, Julie and Shonel have a candid conversation about women’s mental health. 

Kate is a former police officer, yoga instructor, runner and CrossFit athlete.  Kate uses her experience to support others to live a better life. Kate and her therapy dog Gidget are support workers for the ‘moving beyond trauma program’ at Petrea King’s The Quest of Life Foundation. Kate talks to Julie and Shonel about how we can better care for ourselves and each other without adding more burden. We look at ways to take positive steps to protect our wellbeing and include little moments in our daily life that have huge benefits to both our physical and mental health. 


Julie is the College Education Manager, Registered paramedic and former nurse who has also studied Trauma informed Yoga with Kate. Shonel is the College Clinical Education Officer and Midwife. Together with Kate, they explore the myths, concepts and importance of looking after yourself and each other. 

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