The Debrief - EP13: Paramedics in Primary Healthcare

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Host: Stuart Cook
Guests: Jack  Faxon and Shell Piercy  

About this episode:

In this episode Jack, Shell and Stuart discuss how paramedics are starting to work outside the standard ambulance models of care in New Zealand.

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About Shell 

Shell is an Extended Care Paramedic and Nurse Practitioner Intern working in Rural General Practice in the Waikato area. Her role involves seeing acute and urgent patients in shifts across 24 hours 7 days a week. She is part of a team of Extended Care Paramedics, GPs, and practice nurses. Shell now holds a Bachelor of Health Science Major Paramedicine from AUT, a Bachelor of Nursing Science from Massey Wellington, a Post Graduate Diploma in Emergency Nursing, and special interest papers in Forensic Biology, postgraduate research, and postgraduate community paramedicine. She will complete her Master of Nursing Science with the completion of her Nurse Practitioner Practicum later this year.  


About Jack: 

Jack Faxon Jr is as an Advanced Health Care Practitioner at City Medical Ltd in the beautiful Hawke’s Bay. His other employment is a clinical support officer with St John New Zealand as a Critical Care Paramedic. Jack has a mixed scope of practice of critical and extended care paramedicine. 

Jack works as part of a multidisciplinary team of Drs, RNs, nurse prescribers (soon two NPs) and HCAs. They come together to ensure that they are meeting the needs of the community in as many facets as they can, this is why they have taken this multidisciplinary approach. 


About Stuart: 

Stuart has worked in the prehospital sector for more than 23 years’ in Aotearoa New Zealand including ambulance operations, HEMS, clinical development, and education. He is a registered Paramedic in both New Zealand and Australia. 

He has a strong interest in primary healthcare, remote and austere medicine, and the use of technology for remote education. He completed his Health Practice Masters - Paramedicine in 2018 

Stuart looks forward to developing the College’s New Zealand based education and mentoring models for paramedicine. He also looks forward to seeing the Paramedic profession growing and adding value to all areas of Healthcare in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

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