Student Talk: Curtin University Edition - EP4: Excelling in your first ambulance placement - advice from someone who has been there

About the podcast

Host: Sam Willis
Guest: Marco Scarvaci

About this episode:
Student paramedics highly value the clinical aspects of their education, however navigating this complex world is no easy feat. In this podcast, one student reflects back on his first-ever shift and provides invaluable advice for excelling in this complex space.

About Sam:
Sam is the Discipline Lead for paramedicine at Curtin University and has a passion for all things paramedic education. He worked as a paramedic and lecturer in London and Oxford, in the United Kingdom, prior to coming to Australia to further his career in paramedic education. His current doctoral studies explore the use of virtual reality communities of practice for supporting student paramedics as they undertake Work Integrated Learning (WIL).

About Marco:
Becoming a paramedic is something Marco fell into. Early on in life, he didn't know what he was going to do as a career. Marco thought he wanted to be a sports teacher and completed a degree in sports science. While completing this degree he found himself working in leisure centres as a casual lifeguard and swim teacher. What was supposed to be a casual job to get him through university, pulled him towards the emergency side of things that paramedics do. Marco didn't believe he had the confidence to become a paramedic at first and thought he would start as 000 medical dispatcher. Deep down he wanted to be more hands-on and truly feels like he’s found his calling. Marco likes the simplicity of the job, but also the clinical challenges in unique environments where you must work together to find the best outcome. 

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