Student Talk: Curtin University Edition - EP3: Maintaining patient-centred care when plans change

About the podcast

Host: Sam Willis
Jane Jennings

About this episode:
Providing care to a mother who is birthing requires a holistic and person-centred approach. This podcast provides a reflective discussion with a student who thinks back to a situation when a routine home birth had the potential to go wrong. It unpacks the challenges faced by the student, the paramedic, and the midwife and how they pulled together to provide person-centred care.

About Sam:
Sam is the Discipline Lead for paramedicine at Curtin University and has a passion for all things paramedic education. He worked as a paramedic and lecturer in London and Oxford, in the United Kingdom, prior to coming to Australia to further his career in paramedic education. His current doctoral studies explore the use of virtual reality communities of practice for supporting student paramedics as they undertake Work Integrated Learning (WIL).

About Jane:
Jane is a final year student at Curtin University. Jane likes to think of herself as an accidental paramedic. She was working as a management accountant and lived in a town where there was a volunteer ambulance depot serving the community. Keen to lend a hand, even if it meant just washing the vans, Jane found herself behind the wheel of an ambulance a few months later. From there, Jane’s love of being involved in the community outweighed her love of numbers, leading to a significant career change. 

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