• 24th Mar 2021

Victoria: Use of paramedic workforce for COVID-19 vaccine administration

Paramedics have an important role as part of the COVID-19 vaccine administration workforce.

Paramedics, especially paramedics who are not currently working for Ambulance Victoria, are actively encouraged to consider joining the vaccination workforce. There are a wide variety of opportunities for short and longer-term employment at vaccination sites across Victoria.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about how to get involved:

Who can apply for a position delivering the COVID-19 vaccination program?

Any registered paramedic may apply and will be temporarily authorised to administer vaccines under the general supervision and support of experienced immunisers.

How do I apply for a position delivering the COVID-19 vaccination program?

You will need to apply directly to Torrens Health who are operating on behalf of the Victorian Government. Further information on the Department of Health website.

What are the additional training requirements?

Registered paramedics under the emergency authorised workforce must complete the following in order as listed below:

1.Victorian COVID-19 e-Learning Competency

• Online eLearning (three modules) (includes videos on multidose vials)
• Local or Victorian practical new immuniser simulation

2.National COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program

• Six core modules
• Additional modules specific to individual vaccines

3.Emergency authorised workforce (vaccine administrators) are to complete a clinical skills and competency assessment which includes a minimum of five supervised vaccination procedures.

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