• 9th Jun 2021

Thank a First Responder Day – 9 June

On Wednesday 9 June, as part of Thank a First Responder Day, the College will be joining communities around Australia to say thank you to the first responders, including our College members, who do so much to protect and care for our communities.

Thank a First Responder Day is a collaborative effort between Fortem Australia and emergency response services around Australia.

The aim this year is to involve every Australian in saying thanks – to create a clear and resounding voice of gratitude for those who do so much for us, for so little in return.

Fortem Australia is providing the platform where first responders can read and listen to messages of appreciation for what they, and their families, give us simply by going to work each day.

The public is also encouraged to share their messages of thanks, like the social media pages and follow the social media platforms to stay up to date on how they can be part of this very special initiative.

More information:

Thank a First Responder Day official website

Download campaign materials and kids activities

Social media platforms:

Facebook – Thank a First Responder Day

Instagram – Thank a First Responder Day

Twitter – Thank a First Responder Day

#ThankAFirstResponder #PowerOfThanks

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