• 12th Mar 2021

CAA Women in Ambulance Awards

Launched in 2020, the Council of Ambulance Authorities (CAA) Women in Ambulance Awards are designed to highlight successful and hardworking women in ambulance services across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

This year the CAA2021 Women in Ambulance Awards recognise 60 women for their work and career progression and are being championed as role models to the rest of the workforce.

The College is proud to share that our College members feature strongly among those recognised, including:

  • Kerry Trow
  • Michelle Shiach-Wise
  • Dr Kate Cantwell
  • Michaela Malcolm
  • Natasha Adams
  • Sally Simmonds
  • Kate Clarke
  • Tori Butler
  • Angela Hodgson
  • Samantha Allender
  • Joanne Miles
  • Amy McCaffrey
  • Jacqueline Hennessy
  • Clare Toms

The College congratulates recipients of the honour and thanks CAA for recognising role models for future women in the profession.

View the full honours list on the CAA website by clicking here.

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