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STUCON (student conference) 2022

About The Event


29 July 2022

STUCON 2022 is an in-depth student conference that focuses on clinical best practice, education and research.

Aimed at undergraduate paramedic students, the conference will offer an insight into current and emerging knowledge from across the globe. Speakers will include a mix of students, researchers, educators and industry practitioners for a truly enlightening experience.

There are two ways to attend STUCON 2022:

  • Online, for those who cannot attend a face-to-face a university paramedic society event
  • View the live stream on-campus at your university's paramedic society's event (further details below)

Click here to view the conference program. More info coming soon.

Host a local STUCON 2022 event at your uni

Paramedic societies are being offered free live streaming of STUCON 2022 and are encouraged to host on-campus society events to allow students to watch the conference as a group.

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Craig B Campbell

Craig has worked in Paramedicine for over 30 years, in frontline critical care and in education across four countries. His education experience includes developing and leading vocational and higher education programs. He has held senior roles in higher education and as head of education for the Qatar ambulance service leading Clinical Practice Guideline development and implementation. He has also participated in accreditation and licensing of paramedicine in Qatar. He is a member of the Australasian College of Paramedicine Education Committee. His doctorate is in Organisational Change focused on ethics and leadership.

Julie Johnson

Julie is a Registered Paramedic, nurse and clinical educator. She has worked across many sectors in paramedics and nursing including state ambulance service, primary health care, emergency, non-emergency, and private paramedic practice in Vic and NSW. She has a special interest in education and holds Postgraduate qualifications in tertiary and higher education and is currently undertaking a Research Master’s in paramedic education, investigating pathways to higher education.

Matt Warren-James

Prior to moving to Australia Matt spent 10 years working in the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust as a paramedic. He was also the program leader for the undergraduate BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science (London) at the University of Greenwich, UK. At UniSC Matt leads the courses in the WIL space which relates to his research interests in wellbeing, coping and preceptorship. Matt has recently completed his PhD exploring how first year student paramedics experience stress on their first ambulance placement.

Howard Wills

Howard Wills became a volunteer at a Small rural station in 1985. He enrolled in the first distance course offered for volunteers. Gaining full-time employment in 1990 he progressed through the vocational training to become an ICP in 1994. He worked mainly in a provincial centre where part of the workload was to support rural ambulance crews and crew the local rescue helicopter. In 2007 he enrolled in the BHSc (Paramedic) programme at Whitireia and upon graduating he was offered a role to help develop a distance programme to allow EMTs earn a degree. Post graduate study followed with a Masters completed in 2018.

Sam Peart

Sam is an intensive care paramedic in metropolitan regions for Ambulance Victoria. He has completed his master's in specialist paramedic practice, including conducting research into the use of pain assessment, pain scoring and key performance indicators in prehospital setting. Sam also has a keen interest in the clinical advancement of paramedic practice and education, as well as the impact that communication, biases and human factors have in medical practice and professional interactions.

Alisha McFarlane

Alisha is an experienced intensive care paramedic and current Lecturer in paramedicine at Charles Sturt University. She is a passionate advocate for gender equality in the profession with her research focussing on the sexual harassment and gendered experiences of women in paramedicine. Alisha is focussed on understanding, promoting and driving change in the professional culture of paramedicine and supports the equal representation of women in leadership positions. Alisha is an enthusiastic member of the Australasian College of Paramedicine women in paramedicine committee.

Levi Karschimkus

Levi is a registered paramedic and clinical instructor working for Ambulance Victoria in Geelong, Victoria. He is also a sessional staff member at Victoria University.

Ryan Parry

Ryan is an Intensive Care Paramedic intern with Ambulance Victoria. Ryan has international experience as an instructor in the UK and Vanuatu, private industry experience as a Wilderness Medic and Clinical Team Leader for Endurance Medical Services, and is also a Teaching Associate for Monash University

Chris Harn

Chris spent 21 years in the Australian army between 2001-2022. During the last six year, Chris was a medic with NORFORCE and 1Health Battilon. Since then, Chris has worked for 5 years with multiple oil and gas and mining companies as a site medic with mine rescue background. As of Christmas 2021, Chris has been employed by St. John’s ambulance NT as a covid assist, patient transport officer and intern paramedic.

Georgia Sirec

Georgia is a Graduate Paramedic with NSW Ambulance and a Higher Degree Research Student at Western Sydney University. While completing her undergraduate studies at Western Sydney she was associated with the UPSTREAM program which helped to develop her passion for research. Georgia has an affinity for continuous learning, and sharing her knowledge, when she is not busy with university or on-road she spends her time teaching 7–11-year-olds first aid through the St John Ambulance Juniors program or umpiring netball.

Alec Bourchier

Alec is an Advanced Care Paramedic currently working with Queensland Ambulance Service. Since graduating University Alec has had experience working for state service providers such as NSW Ambulance and QAS. Alec has also worked internationally with Medical Rescue in the alpine retrieval environment. He is very interested in trauma in particular head injuries, creating his own evidence based HEADS (TBI) model. Alec intends to study critical care paramedicine in the future whilst continually improving his knowledge base.

Priya Reddy

Priya is has been within the healthcare industry for the last 12 years. She has been a Paramedic in a variety of scopes for the last 7 years. She has worked in London, has been a university lecturer, an event Paramedic and is now with Ambulance Victoria. Priya has a Bachelor in Emergency Health and a Masters in Specialist Paramedic Practice (Intensive Care). She has experience working solo on the fast response, being a mentor on road and being an educator. Her passion is keeping patients within the community and is an advocate for utilising referral services – she hopes to complete her PhD in this area.

Zoe Farmer

Zoe once dreamt of working on a search and rescue helicopter. With a love of the outdoors and sense of adventure, she envisioned a role that would pique many of her interests. Graduating from Auckland University of Technology in late 2017, Zoe moved to the UK and worked as a Paramedic for South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust. Here, she gained considerable experience with a health system and demographic comparable to New Zealand. Returning home in October 2021, Zoe set about making her dream a reality. She is now a Flight Crew Medic and Winch Operator for GCH Aviation, at Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust.

Pavani Subramaniam

Graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2022, Pavani is a newly registered paramedic and honours student. She has recently completed research in discrimination faced by paramedics, particularly racism. Her research aims to understand how diversity is represented and treated in paramedicine.

Claudia Hodgess

Claudia was born in Narromine and is currently completing her paramedicine honours studies at Bathurst. Claudia has wanted to be a paramedic since she was eleven years old when she started high school. She is interested in cardiovascular related topics, as well as holistic health. Claudia is very excited to start her career as a paramedic and to see where it takes her.

Rhianna Scott

Rhianna is a 3rd year Bachelor of Paramedicine (Honours) student at Charles Sturt University. Her research focus is graduate paramedic knowledge of fatigue risk management strategies. Rhianna has always been interested in the field of emergency medicine and whilst studying overseas in Finland for a year in 2017, she developed a particular interest in paramedics. She has a keen interest in paramedic health and wellbeing and wants to contribute to this area of research.

Tom Kelsey

I joined the Australian Army when I was 16 and deployed overseas three times to Solomon Islands, Iraq and Afghanistan. Whilst in the Army I was an Infantry soldier, Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) crewman and Combat First Aider (CFA). My deployment to Afghanistan in 2010 exposed me to heavy engagements with enemy forces and subsequently loss of Australian lives. Over a 3 month period we lost 10 Australian soldiers. My skills as a CFA were being used and I found my niche in the medical world. I applied for the QAS whilst still in Afghanistan and began my career with QAS in June 2011. Since my time in the QAS I have held several different clinical and supervisory roles including, Clinical Support Officer, Operations Supervisor and Clinical Deployment Supervisor. I recently qualified as a Critical care Paramedic and am consolidating my skills Brisbane.

Bernadette Jauncey

Bernadette is a decorated ex military medic, serving in East Timor and Solomon Islands as a rotary wing retrieval medic. She has worked with United Nations and World Health Organisations before commencing her civilian employment with NSW Ambulance Service , BHP and West Farmers Mines sites. Bernadette now works for Queensland Ambulance Service as a senior clinical educator and paramedic within the Brisbane region. The mother of 3 has a studied at Victoria and Flinders Universities with a focus on clinical education and leadership.

Min-Song Kang

Min is a second-year paramedicine student at the Auckland University of Technology, and co-chair of the student association of the Australasian College of Paramedicine. Born in South Korea, Min moved to New Zealand at a young age where he first began his career as an environmental engineer. Since then, Min has decided to pursue his passions in wanting to helping others in emergency situations as a paramedic, and hopes to one day become a critical care paramedic working on the helicopters

Alessia Restiglian

Alessia is a second-year paramedicine student at Monash University, also currently working as a student paramedic in Ambulance Victoria. Her zealous passion for Paramedicine has driven her ambition to become an intensive care paramedic, hoping to take it to the Air Ambulance. She loves to teach younger year levels and aspires to continue to help promote the confidence, clinical knowledge and capabilities in students that make up the future of Paramedicine.

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Event Information

29th Jul 2022
09:00 – 17:00 (AEST)

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