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Nuka System of Care

About The Event

The Office of the National Rural Health Commissioner is hosting an exclusive Zoom webinar to share with you one of the world’s leading examples of community co-designed First Nations healthcare, Southcentral Foundation’s (SCF) Nuka System of Care.
Register to join this webinar to see first-hand how the Nuka System of Care positively affects health outcomes of more than 65,000 Alaskan Native Indian People.

• SCF’s Nuka System of Care provides medical, dental, behavioural, and traditional health care support services to more than 65,000 Alaskan Native Indian People

• In the Nuka System, strong relationships between primary care teams and patients (known as customer-owners) have helped manage chronic diseases, control health care costs, and improve the overall wellness of the people they serve. Recognising that individuals are ultimately in control of their own lifestyle choices and health care decisions, Nuka focuses on understanding each customer-owner’s unique values and influences, to engage them in their own care, and support long-term behavioural change

• Click on the below links to see some of their programs in action:

o Tour of Southcentral Foundation’s Anchorage Native Primary Care Centre

o Alcohol Tax Series - SCF Family Wellness Warriors

o Core Concepts - I Know From Where I Came

o Core Concepts - Breaking the Silence

To register for this webinar click here

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To register for this webinar click here

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Event Information

30th Nov 2023
10:00 – 11:30 (AEDT)

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