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Paramedic health and wellbeing: What we need to do right

About The Event

In this webinar, we discuss all things paramedic health and well-being from a multidisciplinary approach.

This panel of industry leaders and subject matter experts will discuss findings from the most up-to-date research - covering all things cardiovascular, sleep, and nutrition for shift working ambulance staff.

This webinar is important for all shift workers, whether you are soon to enter the workforce, or you’re a seasoned veteran.


Dr Gloria Leung

Dr Gloria Leung is a post-doctoral Research Fellow at Monash University and an accredited practising dietitian. Her research interest is the effect of meal timing on human metabolic outcomes, in particular, whether shift work influences nutritional status, and in turn, causes chronic conditions such as type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Dr Alex Wolkow

Dr Alex Wolkow is a Research Fellow at the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health at Monash University. A major focus of his research is on understanding the role of sleep in the development of mental and physical health outcomes in high-risk populations such as shift workers, with the overarching goal of leading research that aids these high-risk occupations in optimising the health of workers.

Ben Meadley

Ben Meadley is a researcher and lecturer at Monash University and a paramedic at Ambulance Victoria. Ben recently submitted his PhD thesis, which comprised a number of research projects investigating the physiological and cardiometabolic health of paramedics.

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Event Information

13th Dec 2021
18:30 – 19:30 (AEDT)

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