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Australasian College of Paramedicine International Conference 2023

About The Event

SAVE THE DATE - Australasian College of Paramedicine International Conference 2023

Join us for the peak paramedicine event on the Australasian calendar, designed to inspire, educate and broaden horizons.

Location: Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne


  • Wednesday 13 September 2023 - Pre-conference Workshops

  • Wednesday 13 September 2023 - Pre-conference Drinks

  • Thursday 14 and Friday 15 September 2023 - Conference

  • Thursday 14 September 2023 - Conference Gala Dinner

Conference Theme: Lead, Evolve, Impact

This conference will also be live streamed for those who cannot attend in person (14 & 15 September only)

To register your interest please select an EOI ticket. You will recieve an email when early-bird tickets are on sale.

Further information

Sponsors: Interested in sponsoring this event? Please email georgia.coetzee@paramedics.org


James Yates

James is a paramedic with over eighteen years experience, working in a broad range of prehospital roles and settings. His career has included Hazardous Area Response, remote medicine, education, prehospital critical care and neonatal retrieval. Along the way he’s picked up a degree in Physiology, a Masters degree in Prehospital Critical Care, the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care and he is an independent prescriber. He is also co-host of the internationally successful Resus Room podcast series which showcases his passion for teaching and development. Amongst all this he tries to shoehorn in some time for running, packrafting and cycling. Mostly unsuccessfully.

Rob Fenwick

Rob is a consultant nurse (and advanced clinical practitioner) in emergency medicine in the United Kingdom. He has a background in emergency nursing in both the emergency department and pre-hospital setting. He has a keen interest in research and set up the Extrication In Trauma (EXIT) project in 2011. The aim of this work is to scientifically study extrication following motor vehicle collisions to improve outcomes for patients. In his spare time he likes to talk “shop” with a couple of his mates……This is the Resus Room podcast, which is available in all the usual places!

Dr Tegwyn McManamny

Dr Tegwyn McManamny is an intensive care paramedic with expertise in patient safety, rural health and prehospital education. Tegwyn is an early career researcher, with interests in gerontology, health education and mixed methods research. Tegwyn is currently working for Ambulance Victoria as the Lead Patient Review Specialist for the Patient Safety and Experience Department.

Assoc Prof David Anderson

David is the Medical Director of Ambulance Victoria, an intensivist at The Alfred Hospital and an adjunct senior lecturer in the Department of Paramedicine at Monash University. He has trained and worked as a paramedic in Auckland and as a doctor in Auckland, Sydney and Toronto before settling in Melbourne. In addition to his intensive care fellowship he has spent time training in anaesthesia, prehospital and retrieval medicine and palliative medicine. He has a diploma in palliative medicine and is completing a masters in bioethics. His clinical interests are prehospital and retrieval medicine, trauma, EMCO and bioethics. He has an embarrassingly large collection of Lego.

Kerryn Wratt

Kerryn is a Critical Care Flight Paramedic based in Nelson, New Zealand. Prior to this he spent 2 years as CSO and then Critical Care Flight Paramedic Intern in Tasmania as well as 20 years in Victoria in a wide range of locations and roles. Kerryn has a well developed interest in wilderness medicine having had the opportunity to provide clinical care and teach in places as diverse as Kenya, Hungary, Alaska, Patagonia, Nepal and Papua New Guinea. Kerryn has also led the establishment of the Australasian Wilderness and Expedition Medicine Society (AWEMS) where he is the current president.

Nathan Moore

Nathan is the Chief Nursing Information Officer for WSLHD. He is responsible for nursing focused leadership to improve adoption of clinical information systems and technologies. He has extensive experience with the implementation of innovative technologies into healthcare with a clinical background in critical care nursing. He worked for nearly a decade as a Nurse Educator developing multidisciplinary Simulation Based Learning and is currently completing a PhD exploring the design and deployment of VR in healthcare training. He is published in multiple peer reviewed journals and an active presenter across health technology conferences.

Dr Natalie Fonda

Natalie is a dual AHPRA registered paramedic and GP with 15 years of experience working in the health and education sectors. Natalie completed her Paramedicine degree at Monash in 2008 and worked for AV as an ALS Paramedic for 6 years. After completing her medical degree, she worked as a hospital resident at the Alfred Hospital and Queensland’s Sunshine Coast before obtaining her GP Fellowship. Natalie joined the Monash University team as a Senior lecturer in 2022 and continues to work as a GP Medical Educator and a locum GP in regional Victoria. With a strong background in prehospital and community health care, Natalie has a passion for improving the integration of primary health services and advocating for people from marginalised communities.

Natasha Saad

A Senior Cardiac Physiologist specialising in Cardiac Devices & Electrophysiology, Natasha has over 10 years of experience working in large tertiary centres in the UK and Australia. She co-authored the current CSANZ guidelines for managing cardiac pacemakers and ICDs in the changing landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic and has presented in national and international conferences around cardiac rhythm management. She is currently studying predictors of latent arrhythmias after TAVI, and QT intervals in the context of bundle branch blocks. She runs the ECG course through Cardiac Physiology in Practice.

Mitchell Cowan

A Senior Cardiac Physiologist specialising in electrophysiology and electrocardiography, Mitchell has co-authored the current CSANZ guidelines for managing cardiac pacemakers and ICDs in the changing landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic. He was also a co-author in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) for the role of renal denervation in managing VT Storm. Mitchell is currently involved in studying how ECG features can predict risk and ablation site in patients with wolf Parkinson white syndrome, and runs the ECG course through Cardiac Physiology in Practice.

Dr. Wayne Loudon

Wayne Loudon is a Critical Care Paramedic and Senior Lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology. Wayne has been heavily involved in the development of Queensland prehospital guidelines for stroke care in the ECR era and completed his PhD investigating prehospital stroke care. His current research interests include the use of mobile technologies for prehospital neurocritical care and stroke systems of care.

Elliot Long

Elliot completed his specialist training in paediatric emergency at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, after completing a critical care fellowship at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. His PhD focussed on fluid resuscitation for paediatric sepsis, and his post-doctoral research has focussed on early sepsis recognition and treatment. Elliot is the vice-chair of the Paediatric Research in Emergency Departments International Collaborative (PREDICT) Network. He is the lead investigator for an Australian and New Zealand sepsis landscape study (SENTINEL study), and the PREDICT lead for an international sepsis RCT comparing fluids for sepsis resuscitation and initial maintenance (PROMPT Bolus study). Elliot has two school aged children, and has experienced the joys, challenges, and sometimes the uncertainties that go hand in hand with raising a young family. He is motivated to provide high quality, timely, and accessible care to children whose parents may be experiencing uncertainty with respect to their children’s health.

Shonel Hall

Shonel is a currently practicing midwife and paramedic who lectures in out-of-hospital obstetrics, neonates, paeds, women’s and sexual health. Shonel has a specific interest in the out of hospital management of obstetric cases and is exploring research into pathways for collaboration and improved co-decision making between obstetric units and paramedics. Shonel is currently on the critical care supported pathway with the Queensland Ambulance Service. Outside of Paramedicine, Shonel is a mother of 4 children, and enjoys camping and spending time with friends and family.

Lucinda Peacock

Lucinda is a paramedic currently working for NSW Ambulance. She completed her Honours degree at Monash University last year where she researched the patient experience of chronic pain management by paramedics and continues to conduct research in this area. She has a specific interest in paramedic management of non-acute pain - including chronic pain, palliative care pain and breakthrough pain.

Hannah Woodruff

Hannah is a 25-year-old paramedic with a passion for providing emergency medical care in rural and remote areas. She grew up in remote New Zealand and then moved to Tasmania. She graduated with a Bachelor of Paramedicine from UTAS in February 2018 and pursued her internship with Ambulance Tasmania (AT). For four years Hannah worked for AT, with one year as a Branch Station Officer, honing her skills in leadership and single response. In 2022, she took a leap and moved to Queensland, where she ventured into the private sector, working as a paramedic in the mining and construction industry. She primarily worked on a remote construction site in SE Queensland and a coal mine in North Eastern Queensland. Whilst working in this capacity she also completed her Graduate Diploma of Advanced Paramedicine (critical and primary care).

Matt Wilkinson-Stokes

Matt is a practicing emergency paramedic and medical researcher. He is currently a Westpac Scholar and inaugural University of Melbourne MDHS PhD Award recipient, and his undergraduate thesis won a University Medal and Best Presentation at two international medical conferences. As well as working clinically, he also tutors Indigenous undergraduates. He lives on the Sunshine Coast with his partner and their beautiful golden retriever puppy (called Waffles).

Mr Robbie King

Robbie is a senior paramedic with 14-years experience in clinical and educational roles. He provides healthcare in the community responding on a Local-area Assessment and Referral Unit (LARU) for Queensland Ambulance Service. He is also a PhD candidate whose research interests aim to explore and understand the 'patient experience' of paramedic-led healthcare. Particularly during circumstances where people responded to by jurisdictional ambulance services have their needs better catered for by community-based services, rather than a hospital Emergency Department. Robbie advocates for inclusion of the patients’ voice to inform approaches to paramedic-led healthcare, and development of evidenced-based tools to measure outputs of that care.

Dr Alan Batt

Dr Alan Batt is Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Monash University and Charles Sturt University. He is a Scientist with the McNally Project for Paramedicine Research, and Deputy Editor of Paramedicine. Dr Batt is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK) and a Member of the Academy of Medical Educators (UK). His program of research uses mixed-methods approaches to explore health professions education, with a focus on professional competencies, care of underserved and vulnerable populations, and structural determinants of health. Dr Batt is an experienced paramedic clinician, educator, and researcher, and serves as a subject matter expert on paramedicine and paramedic education for a number of bodies nationally and internationally.

Richard Armour

Richard is an Intensive Care Paramedic and Paramedic Researcher with experience in the United Kingdom, Canada, and most recently Australia. Richard was previously the Paramedic Practice Leader for Substance Use and Harm Reduction in British Columbia, Canada, a province experiencing severe harm as a result of the on-going war on drugs. Richard’s PhD work examines the ways in which paramedics can contribute to better patient-centred outcomes for people who use alcohol and other drugs.

Mr Jack Howard

Jack is an intensive care paramedic with Ambulance Victoria, based mostly in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Jack was introduced to research during the completion of his Masters degree. He hopes to continue in the prehospital research field, especially on the subject of CPRIC, which he has a special passion for. When away from work or research, Jack likes to spend time with his beautiful wife and 2 children, play guitar and sneak in a run if he has the time.

Dr Timothy Makrides

Tim is a dad of two little monsters and holds a PhD in paramedic leadership, system design and modernization from Monash University. He has worked across several systems in Australia and Canada and is currently the Executive Director, Clinical Services at Ambulance Tasmania.

Mr Max Han

Max is the pioneer recipient of the Singapore Civil Defence Force's Paramedic Scholarship. He started out as a combat medic and EMT back in 2017 and has recently graduated with a Bachelor's in Paramedicine from Monash University. As recipient of the Murray Black Professional Excellence Award for 2022, he takes great pride in improving patient experience and outcomes through research. His current research interests include dementia, community paramedicine and organisational psychology.

Dr Brendan Shannon

Brendan, a registered paramedic and academic at Monash University. As Head of Postgraduate Programs and Deputy Head of Department of Paramedicine, his expertise lies in Community Paramedicine and curriculum development and health services research. His doctoral research focused on the implementation of alternative care pathways for underserved communities, underlining the importance of interprofessional practice. Brendan's research interests include alternative care pathways, community paramedicine, and underserved communities.

Ms Lisa Hobbs

Lisa Hobbs is a registered paramedic, academic, researcher and visual artist with over 2 decades experience in paramedicine. She is a Lecturer (Paramedicine) at the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ). Lisa is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Philosophy at UniSQ, her research topic is Women in Paramedicine: Exploring the experiences of female paramedics in Australia through creative research. Lisa’s qualifications include: Master of Philosophy (Paramedicine); Graduate Diploma Health Management/Disaster Management; Graduate Certificate Clinical Education; Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Diploma of Paramedical Science (Ambulance).

Ms Rachael Vella

Rachael (BMedSci, BHlthSci(Paramedic), MRes) is an Associate Lecturer in Paramedicine at Western Sydney University. Her research interests focus on integrating technology within healthcare education to better prepare students for real-world practice. This includes the integration of immersive, high-fidelity simulations not only for paramedicine students but also in interprofessional practice. Her PhD will focus on enhancing simulation feedback and assessment through emerging technologies. Additionally, Rachael is a registered paramedic and maintains clinical practice through employment with New South Wales Ambulance.

Mr Matt Ferris

Matt has worked in the healthcare sector for over 10 years, the last 7 with state-based ambulance services. Working in both metro and rural settings has provided him with lived experiences of the challenging dilemma of the desire to provide continuous service delivery and appropriate fatigue safety within the constraints of contemporary ambulance services. He is currently completing a PhD on pre-hospital fatigue management, aiming to enhance the paramedic experience.

Ben Lawson

Ben is a Branch Station Officer and Paramedic at Ambulance Tasmania, and simultaneously assumes the role of Tasmanian Chair for the Australasian College of Paramedicine. In addition to his professional commitments, Ben is currently pursuing his academic endeavours at Monash University, where he is attaining a Master of Specialist Paramedic Practice. Throughout his research journey, Ben has developed a deep interest in the realm of prehospital healthcare professionals and their significant impact on organ donation within the context of prehospital care. His extensive knowledge in the area drives him to explore and enhance the role played by prehospital healthcare professionals in facilitating organ donation processes.

Ms Hannah Lindsay

Hannah is a recently qualified paramedic currently working for Ambulance Victoria. At present she is completing her honours degree on methods of preoxygenation. Hannah has a particular interest in all things airway and would like to develop in the area of paramedic education, while she continues to gain clinical experience.

Ms Sian Wanstall

Sian is a registered paramedic for SA Ambulance Service with 13 years of clinical experience. Sian also holds an honours degree in psychology and is a current PhD candidate at Flinders University. Sian’s research interests lie in the health and wellbeing of Australian paramedics, with a focus on sleep and mental wellbeing. Sian’s PhD work is primarily qualitative in nature, and investigates the lived experience of shift work, sleep loss, fatigue, and mental wellbeing in Australian paramedics, with a focus on developing worker-focused education and solutions to improve wellbeing. Sian also works as an academic tutor for the Bachelor of Paramedicine at Flinders University.

Alannah Morrison

Alannah is an experienced paramedic and educator working both within jurisdictional ambulance services and the higher education sector and has a passion for developing future generations of paramedics. Approaching the final stages of her PhD investigating how paramedics navigate conveyance decisions, Alannah looks forward to continuing researching professionalism within paramedicine and supporting HDR students with their research post-doc.  

Ashleigh Finn

Ashleigh (she/her) has worked as a registered paramedic for 10 years, both nationally and internationally, and is currently a Lecturer in Paramedicine at Australian Catholic University (ACU). She has undertaken several research projects in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). These have explored self-directed learning within undergraduate paramedicine curricula and the inclusion of LGBTIQ+ people and perspectives in health curriculum. Ashleigh is passionate about improving and innovating the delivery, experience and assessment of clinical education.

Dr Simpiwe Sobuwa

Dr Sobuwa is the Senior Lecturer and Acting Head of the Department of Emergency Medical Sciences at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He is also the Chairperson of the Health Professions Council of South Africa’s Professional Board for Emergency Care and the Vice-President of the Health Professions Council of South Africa. He chairs the Remuneration Committee of the Council.

Mr Dennis Walker

Dennis Walker is a lecturer and clinical placement coordinator for the undergraduate Paramedicine program at the University of Southern Queensland. He is also a registered paramedic, having worked within the Queensland Ambulance Service for 27 years in a range of roles including Critical Care Paramedic, Flight Paramedic, Isolated Practice Area Paramedic and Clinical Support Officer. Dennis is in the final months of completing his PhD in the area of prehospital medication safety.

Mr Gregory Murphy

Greg is a paramedic working for NSW Ambulance and based in a rural location. He has completed his Masters of Advanced Paramedicine with the University of Tasmania, completing research in the area of access to healthcare in rural and remote areas. Greg has an interest in primary care, research and innovative developments to provide quality primary healthcare.

Ms Julia Stone

Julia’s journey as a paramedic began in 2001 and has meandered its way across two decades and many parts of New South Wales, including metropolitan, regional, and remote areas. Previously an RN and army reservist, she has since squeezed out 12 years on-road, three children, 8 years as a full-time mum, and nearly 4 years as an Associate Lecturer in Paramedicine at Charles Sturt University. Her desire to research paramedic wellbeing has grown out of her own difficult experiences, those of fellow paramedics, and the hope of helping others “have an easier time of it”.

Associate Professor Bronwyn Griffin

Bron is an accomplished Associate Professor affiliated with the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Griffith University and the Pegg Leditschke Children's Burn Centre at Queensland Children’s Hospital. With a background as an experienced paediatric emergency nurse, Bron has garnered extensive expertise through her work in various Australian paediatric hospitals. Her research encompasses a wide range of paediatric-focused areas, including emergency care, burns, trauma, and the generation and translation of high-quality knowledge. Notably, her research on burn first aid has gained global recognition, leading to her successful involvement in a highly competitive implementation research project funded by the US Department of Defense. Currently, this project is actively underway in California, showcasing Bron's dedication to advancing burn care practices internationally

Nick Roder

Nick commenced Paramedicine in 1991, became an ICP in1996, joined air ambulance in 2001 and achieved a Masters in Education in 2003. Since the early nineties, Nick has been involved in post-graduate education, curriculum development and patient care improvement, including guideline and reference construction.

Rebecca Schrale

Bec has been working within the burns service at the Tasmanian Burns Unit for the last 22 years after moving to Tasmania in 2001. She commenced employment as the Burns Nurse Practitioner in 2022, prior to this she was the Burns Clinical Nurse Consultant for the Tasmanian Burns Unit at the Royal Hobart Hospital for 14 years. Her initial nursing degree was through the Queensland University of Technology and she has been employed as a registered nurse for the past 29 years. She has worked and travelled extensively in Australia and internationally. She has been working in the area of Burns for the last 22 years and has a post graduate certificate in Adult Education and Training, a Graduate Diploma in Burns Nursing and a Masters of Nurse Practitioner (Burns). Bec is the Tasmanian Key Coordinator for the Emergency Management of Severe Burns Course (EMSB) through the Australian and New Zealand Burns Association (ANZBA) and conducts courses nationally and internationally as a part of the faculty. Bec continues to volunteer for Interplast Australia and New Zealand and continues to support the Fiji Burns Unit as the burns education lead. She is a member of the Nursing Executive, Burns Prevention and Education committee for ANZBA, and the Reference and steering committee for the Burns Registry of Australia and New Zealand. She is also a member of the Expert Reference Group for the Joanna Briggs Institute Burns Node. She continues to advocate for burn injured patients in Tasmania, nationally and in Fiji and hopes to remaining working in the burns team for many years to come. Her focus continues to be on burns prevention, education and evidence based care.

Shaun Whitmore

Shauns substantive role is currently a HEMS Intensive Care Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria, but he has held various roles in acute health care since 1986. These have included Division 1 Nursing Roles in Oncology, Paediatrics and Emergency Nursing. Shaun has been a lecturer at Monash University for over 20 years, and has also facilitated Education Programs in Borneo, PNG and Malaysia. His special interests include Wilderness and Disaster Response, along with a particular interest in Human Factors and clinical error.

Tanie Stickland

Tanie is an Advanced Life Support Paramedic Instructor commencing with Ambulance Victoria (AV) in 2006 after having completed the first Bachelor Emergency Health (Paramedic) degree program at Monash in 2005. Recently she has joined Monash University’s Department of Paramedicine as the course coordinator for Fire Rescue Victoria’s (FRV) Emergency Medical Response training program. Tanie is also a current Monash postgraduate Honours student. She is a mum of 4, lover of coffee, spending time with family & friends at the family's farm in North East Victoria and netball.

Ethan Dooley

Ethan is the Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of 1300MEDICS and Retrieval Medics International. He is a dual registered paramedic and nurse with a broad range of qualifications and experience across a variety of pre-hospital, and hospital environments, with his passion lying in providing contemporary and innovated medical services to mass gatherings and special events. The services he oversees provides care to over seven thousand events per year, seeing twenty thousand patients, across three states, which gives him a unique and comprehensive understanding of this specialist area. Ethan enjoys contributing to various advisory boards and reference groups which advance the profession of paramedicine or improve the care patients receive at events and venues. Being a little adventurous at heart, Ethan has undertaken additional training in tactical medicine and underwater / diving medicine. On the odd day off, you will find Ethan out on the water scuba diving or travelling to somewhere new!

Ryan Parry

Ryan is a Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) Paramedic with Ambulance Victoria, with experience working in a variety of roles for London Ambulance Service and ProMedical in Vanuatu. Ryan draws upon his outdoors experience as a Wilderness Paramedic and Associate Medical Director for Endurance Medical Services, a specialist remote and austere medicine company. Through Endurance Medical Services, Ryan is also the Program Director for the Wilderness Student Paramedic Program, providing theoretical and practical wilderness medicine education and industry placements for final year paramedic students.

Dr Scott Devenish

Dr Scott Devenish is an Associate Professor and Head of Discipline for Paramedicine at ACU. He also serves as the Chair of the Australasian Council of Paramedicine Deans. As a Registered Paramedic and Fellow of the Australasian College of Paramedicine, he actively contributes to the profession by representing and advocating for paramedic education and engaging in impactful teaching and academic leadership. In addition to numerous peer-reviewed publications and research supervision, he leads a team of exceptional academics at ACU, fostering the development of outstanding future clinicians, researchers, and leaders in the field of paramedicine

Rebecca Houli

Rebecca Houli, a distinguished alumna of Victoria University, began her academic journey in 2007. With a background in Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Higher Education (HE), she commenced her career in Education in 2013. Rebecca is also a registered Paramedic. Presently, she leads a vital project involving an expert reference working group, focusing on work-integrated learning (WIL). The project's objective is to create a standardized, national clinical placement assessment tool for Paramedicine programs, aligning with the 'Professional Capabilities for Registered Paramedics' (PCFRP) government framework

Sascha Baldry

Sascha completed a Bachelor of Paramedic Practice in 2015 and has been employed as a paramedic with NSW Ambulance working in the Murrumbidgee, Southern and South West Sydney areas. She is also employed as a sessional academic and research assistant at Western Sydney University, teaching into both paramedicine and interprofessional health science units. She is in the final year of a Master of Research and has been extensively involved with the Australasian College of Paramedicine for many years. She is currently a co-chair of the Community Paramedicine Working Group. 

Matthew Simpson

Matthew is a Paramedic Specialist and PhD Candidate at Western Sydney University. His research is a phenomenological study on the lived experience of paramedics delivering mental health care. Throughout his 23-year career in paramedicine, he has completed intensive care and community paramedicine specialisations and led the integrated care team. Presently, he is working in virtual care. An advocate for equitable levels of care delivery, he is particularly passionate about addressing the healthcare needs of rural communities. Matthew's contributions to paramedicine extend to voluntary roles, including senior literature reviewer for the Canadian prehospital evidence-based program and former Clinical Lead for St John Ambulance NSW Clinical Advisory Group.

Katie Tunks Leach

Katie is a Registered Nurse, Research Assistant and PhD (Health) Candidate at the University of Technology Sydney. She has also worked as a Volunteer Chaplain. After initially specialising in emergency and critical care nursing, she now works in tertiary education, where her research interests include empathy and compassion, spiritual care, and frontline worker wellbeing. In her spare time, Katie enjoys hiking, mountain bike riding, reading and woodwork.

Grace Madden

Grace is a registered paramedic currently working in a regional location for NSW Ambulance. Grace has recently completed her honours with Charles Sturt University that investigated the workplace sexual harassment experiences of early career female paramedics. Grace has a keen interest in researching the gendered experiences of women in the profession and seeks to better understand the drivers of gender inequality.

Alecka Miles

Alecka Miles is a Paramedic who works in General Practice (GP) in Perth, Western Australia (WA) and is the Course Coordinator of the postgraduate Community Paramedic and Paramedic Practitioner courses at Edith Cowan University. She started her Paramedic career in emergency ambulance in Victoria and has spent time working rurally and remotely in the Northern Territory and Kimberley’s region in WA. Alecka has a Master degree in Emergency Health and is a PhD candidate at Western Sydney University where her research looks at ‘Decentring’ the ambulance in Paramedicine: An exploration and consensus of key stakeholder expectations, enablers, and impediments to paramedic role legitimisation in primary health care contexts in Australia and New Zealand. She is the chair of the Community Paramedicine Working Group at the Australasian College of Paramedicine, a long-suffering Melbourne Demons fan and proud ‘Mumma’ to Poppy (7 years) and Hamish (5 years), her greatest achievement so far.

Hannah Stack

Hannah Stack is a Lecturer in the paramedicine discipline at Charles Sturt University in Port Macquarie. Hannah is currently a registered Paramedic in Australia and the United Kingdom (UK). She has a diverse range of industry experience, working previously as a Paramedic in the UK as a solo responder on the rapid response vehicles, and her current Paramedic role with New South Wales Ambulance. Hannah has completed a Master of Paramedicine (with critical care specialisation), and in 2023 she was awarded the Postgraduate University Medal for her academic excellence and research achievements in this course.

Dr Jaci Mason

Jaci is an experienced academic, researcher and clinician, with a PhD in educational psychology. Jaci has been coordinating paramedicine programs, in both the UK and Australia, since 2008. She has a passion for scholarship of learning and teaching, and in particularly assessment, assessment moderation, capstone units/courses, and simulation. She also has a focus on professional development for teaching excellence and fellowship of HEA (Advance HE). Her scholarship of learning and teaching research has resulted in publications and conference presentations at local, national, and international level.

Charlton Quitoriano

Charlton is a Naarm/Melbourne-based academic and registered paramedic. Being queer, neurodivergent, and a person of colour, Charlton's professional interests lie within the wellbeing, mental health, and LGBTIQ+ spaces in the paramedicine and higher education contexts. Charlton has recently completed postgraduate studies in positive psychology. Outside of work and study, he enjoys long walks with his Welsh Terrier (Rory), cooking/eating elaborate meals and Korean skincare.

Buck Reed

Buck Reed is Lecturer in Paramedicine at Western Sydney University; Buck is a Registered Paramedic in Australia and practices clinically in both emergency ambulance and industrial settings. Buck was the first rural-based paramedic to receive a prestigious Churchill Fellowship and the first paramedic accepted to the NSW Health Rural Research Capacity Building Program. Buck completed a PhD at the University of Wollongong’s School of Medicine researching paramedic regulation and identity in 2023 and holds a Master of International Health Management. Buck is heavily involved in the Australian paramedicine community as an academic, researcher and a member of the ACP Future of Paramedicine Working Group.

Caitlin Wilson

Caitlin Wilson is a senior research fellow paramedic with Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust in the United Kingdom. The research presented here forms part of her PhD on prehospital feedback to enhance patient safety and staff wellbeing. Caitlin is also an associate editor for the British Paramedic Journal. As a paramedic researcher, Caitlin is a passionate advocate for paramedics becoming actively involved in research and warmly invites anyone interested in prehospital research or prehospital feedback to contact her on Twitter (@999_Caitlin).

Dr Bill Lord AM

Bill has worked as a paramedic clinician, educator, and researcher. He is currently Co-Deputy Chair of the Paramedicine Accreditation Committee within the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Bill currently has an Adjunct Associate Professor position in the Department of Paramedicine at Monash University and Adjunct Professor appointment at the Australian Catholic University. In 2023 he received the award of Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for significant services to paramedicine education and research.

Sherlyn Hii

Sherlyn Hii is an early career paramedic and registered nurse. She was a professional filmmaker in a past life; however, she decided to leave the stage lights behind to pursue a more meaningful career in health care. Currently, Sherlyn works as a graduate paramedic for a jurisdictional ambulance service. Her clinical interests include emergency electrocardiology, neurology and toxicology.

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Covering more than 85,000 members of the emergency and policing community, Emergency Services Health is the not-for-profit private health fund of choice for first responders and frontline personnel, volunteers and their extended families.

Health insurance made simple, we specialise in award-winning gold cover only, so you can trust you and your family have the highest level of cover and peace of mind when the unexpected happens.

If you work or volunteer in any of the below Australian emergency sectors, or you once did, you can join us! And so can your extended family!

·       Fire Response & Recovery Sector

·       Ambulance/Medical Response & Recovery Sector, including paramedics, nurses, doctors, allied health professionals

·       State Emergency Response & Recovery Sector

·       Water Response & Recovery Sector

For full eligibility details visithttps://eshealth.com.au/eligibility

Contact Details

Email: enquiries@eshealth.com.au

Phone: 1300 703 703

Medical Rescue Logo
Medical Rescue

The Medical Rescue Group provides end to end medical and evacuation solutions. Specialising in remote medical clinics, ambulances, rescue helicopters, fixed wing air ambulance and telemedicine support, Medical Rescue is a leading integrated multidisciplinary medical practice incorporating the skills of multiple health specialties and rescue personnel.

As leading specialists in the provision of remote medical and aeromedical retrieval solutions which can comprise of training, crew and clinical governance right through to turn key rescue helicopter or fixed wing Air Ambulance resources.

Contact Details

AUS 1800 MEDRESCUE (+61 07 556 25 800)

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Monash University - Department of Paramedicine Logo
Monash University - Department of Paramedicine

The Department of Paramedicine is one of the leading Paramedic Departments in the world. Paramedicine was first established at Monash University in 1999 at the Peninsula Campus, Frankston and today continues to provide excellence in education, research and engagement. Our Department is recognised for producing paramedic graduates of high quality; having a strong focus on research excellence and engaging in our paramedicine community both local and internationally.

Contact Details

Address: Department of Paramedicine, Monash University, Building H, Level, Peninsula Campus, 47-49 Moorooduc Hwy, Frankston VIC 3199, Australia

Phone: 1800 666 274

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Diagnostica Stago Logo
Diagnostica Stago

Diagnostica Stago is wholly dedicated to the exploration of haemostasis and thrombosis and now offers two point-of-care devices. The Quantra is a viscoelastic testing system which employs ultrasound-based technology to directly measure haemostatic changes. Results are expressed in an intuitive numeric dial format which enables clinicians to make rapid decisions in the management of critical bleeding. The qLab FIB POC system provides a rapid functional fibrinogen level using a single drop of citrated whole blood, for use in critical bleed situations such as trauma and post-partum haemorrhage.

Contact Details

Head Office - 351 Burwood Highway, Forest Hill, Victoria, 3131, Australia
Ph: +61(0)3 9840 5555

Medical Developments International Logo
Medical Developments International

Medical Developments International (MDI) is one of Australia’s leading specialised healthcare companies. With an industry leading range of products in the areas of pain management, asthma and resuscitation, MDI has supplied healthcare professionals and patients innovative solutions since 1971. MDI is a publicly listed company on the Australian Stock Exchange with both its head office and state of the art manufacturing facilities located in Victoria, Australia. With a strong focus on expanding into international healthcare markets, MDI has established a network of manufacturers and distributors to ensure both quality assurance and supply chain solutions are maintained for servicing and delivering to both the local and international sectors.

Contact Details

Judith Vico


0409 805 349

The University of Tasmania Logo
The University of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania has a long history of partnership with both the NSW Ambulance and Ambulance Tasmania and other stakeholders such as the Australian Defense Force. We offer a range of health profession undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, from Degree Conversions to a Bachelor of Paramedicine through to Master’s degrees in Advanced Paramedicine, Healthcare in Remote and Extreme Environments, Nursing, Public Health and Health Leadership. UTAS also welcomes approaches from students seeking to expand their career through research studies at Honours, Masters and PhD level.

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Medavie is a national health solutions partner that integrates benefits management, health management and health care delivery. Together, with our team of more than 8,000 professionals, we are committed to improving the wellbeing of Canadians.

As a not-for-profit organization, Medavie oversees Medavie Blue Cross, a premier all-in-one benefits carrier and public health program administrator, and Medavie Health Services, a national primary health care solutions organization and the largest contracted provider of emergency management services in Canada.

We are one of Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures, one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers and an Imagine Canada Caring Company.

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Cardiac Physiology in Practice Logo
Cardiac Physiology in Practice

Cardiac Physiology in Practice works to improve the lives of patients by raising professional standards of healthcare through accessible high-quality education. If you're the kind of person who wants to help your patients' live better lives, and contribute to improving healthcare standards; ECG in Practice is the course for you. On demand ECG lectures grounded in clinical context; covering every topic from Brugada to Sgarbossa. Monthly newsletters with clinical case studies and evidence summaries of clinical trials and direct access to experts and colleagues with access to regular interactive patient-scenario based webinars and tutorials.

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