Ultrasound in Paramedic Practice - current use and future directions

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Presented by David Tingey ASM Presentation Synopsis: Point of care ultrasound has developed from a specialist skill requiring years of formal studies, to a mainstream mode of bedside patient assessment utilized in many areas of emergency and critical care medicine. More recently its use has expanded into the pre-hospital arena by physicians and, increasingly, by paramedics.

This session will explore the benefits of ultrasound, training requirements, and future possibilities as this technology becomes more accessible. Examples of current use by Australian paramedics will be used to demonstrate how ultrasound can benefit pre-hospital providers, including:

Venous and arterial cannulation
Assessment of pneumothorax
Differentiating causes of shock
Assessment for internal bleeding in trauma
Assessment of cardiac function in PEA arrest

Bio: Dave Tingey ASM, is Retrieval Paramedic Practitioner, with SAAS MedSTAR. He joined SA Ambulance Service in 1992 as Student Paramedic and has held the positions of Paramedic, ICP, Rescue Paramedic, SOT Leader, Clinical Manager, Medical Retrieval

He holds Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedic), Master of Advanced Clinical Practice, Graduate Certificate in Aeromedical Retrieval, Diploma of Project Management and Professional Certificate in Management. Dave is also Senior Lecturer, School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services. He dislikes Dogma and Negativity and has a Passion for Life-long learning and sharing what he often learned the hard way. Dave is married with 2 kids, enjoys fitness, kayaking, camping, and single malt scotch.

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35 minutes
19th Aug 2016
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