Point of care ultrasound in paramedicine: The future is now!

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Ultrasound has fast become the F1 of the medical world. Sleek machinery, impressive technology and promises of victory for those that can drive the machines the best. However, much like the world of F1, you don’t become champion overnight. While you might have enough ability to get by – or even be a backseat driver – to truly get up to speed you first must master the controls, the road rules and techniques so that the rubber really hits the road.

And this is where the value of expert coaching comes into its own. Like driving instructors, qualified trainers help you avoid the mistakes and frustrations that reduce confidence; through drilling and testing they reduce the danger to yourself and others.

Aidan Baron

Not every patient we see in paramedicine is a critical care patient. The majority are unwell with undifferentiated disease, and the future of paramedic practice lies in our ability to make rapid, accurate diagnoses at the point of care; to guide treatment and decide on disposition. Aidan will be reviewing a series of cases where Point of Care Ultrasound can be used in extended care, community, and remote paramedic practice to have a major impact on patient care. Fractures, soft tissue infections and injuries, pneumonia, appendicitis, gallstones, DVT, Ultrasound-Guided IVs, and more.

David Tingey

Many Paramedics (including in Australasia) are already using ultrasound as a standard part of their daily clinical practice. Dave will present some real-life examples of how ultrasound supports emergency and critical care assessment and treatment provided by Paramedics. Examples will include vascular access, lung ultrasound, EFAST, assessment of undiagnosed shock, and cardiac standstill in arrest.

Suean Pascoe

Following on from the insights of Aidan Baron and Dave Tingey, Suean will outline how you can start your ultrasound journey. Whether you’re happy cheering from the sidelines, are looking for your P-plates or want to take the controls at the clinical edge, she’ll flag what you need to get ready, set and go to get you to your finish line.

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100 minutes
5th Aug 2020
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