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Paramedics Australasia, or ‘PA’, is the peak professional organisation representing practitioners who provide paramedic services to the community. Paramedics are best known for their involvement in the delivery of out-of-hospital emergency medical care through their work with various ambulance service organisations and on humanitarian and relief operations. However, paramedics work in many environments including community, industrial, military, hospital and university settings.

Paramedics Australasia provides a respected voice in determining how changes in health service provision, legislation and clinical practice are shaped and implemented to enhance the quality of patient care. We do this by representing the interests of practitioners on matters relating to:

  • Health policies that affect the access to and delivery of front-line primary and emergency care
  • The professional standards of education, training, and continuing professional development
  • The funding, service standards, quality and accreditation of emergency service providers
  • The registration of practitioners and the regulatory framework of paramedic practice
  • The fostering of best practice through research into out-of-hospital and emergency medical care
  • Enhanced communication and interaction between paramedics and other health and allied health professionals.
  • Be part of an organisation which has supported paramedics for over 40 years
  • The use of post-nominals relevant to your membership level (e.g. MPA for full members)
  • Heavily discounted member rates to our premier annual Paramedics Australasia International Conference
  • Member access (usually free) to our many regular continuing professional development (CPD) events, conferences and workshops
  • Exclusive access to members-only scholarships to attend CPD events and conferences
  • Members-only access to the our eLearning content (https://elearning.paramedics.org)
  • Access to members-only content on the PA website (https://paramedics.org)
  • Exclusive access to members-only grants for research funding
  • Response, a quarterly paramedicine industry magazine delivered to your door or inbox
  • Rapid Response, a monthly electronic newsletter delivered to your inbox
  • Access to our special interest groups (SIGs)
  • Professional networking and international links
  • Opportunity to elevate membership status to Fellowship of Paramedics Australasia
  • Optional participation in our certified CPD program
  • Eligibility for election to various local and national committees
  • An impressive addition to your CV which demonstrates your professionalism to prospective employers
  • Members-only partner discounts at various organisations, including Elsevier
  • Membership is tax deductible.

Your membership will also support Paramedics Australasia to:

  • Provide a unified voice of the paramedic profession to the wider community, government and other organisations
  • Continue our decades long campaign for registration of paramedics
  • Support our student members with heavily subsidised membership
  • Continue to publish our open-access peer-reviewed journal, the Australasian Journal of Paramedicine
  • Support our websites, Facebook and Twitter social media presence to keep our profession informed of news
  • Represent paramedicine and paramedics on the Australian Resuscitation Council Committee
  • Representation of paramedicine and paramedics on government committees, regulatory bodies and other health care stakeholder activities.